Six months after a large-scale explosion that killed more than 200 people in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon in the Middle East, the bereaved families of the victims are investigating to find out the cause and responsibility of the explosion. He protested that he wasn't.

A large-scale explosion in Beirut last August caused enormous damage, killing 205 people and injuring more than 6,500, according to the Lebanese government.

On the 4th, six months after the outbreak, the bereaved families of the victims gathered in front of the judicial authorities and raised a voice of protest with a paper saying, "I blame the impasse of the investigation."

Initially, the Lebanese government prioritized the investigation of the cause and responsibility of the explosion, but the results of the investigation are still unknown, and the international human rights group Human Rights Watch is investigating. Points out that it has virtually stopped.

A man who lost his family said, "I want to expect justice. I am waiting for the investigation to proceed and the results to come out."

In Lebanon, although the cabinet at the time of the explosion took responsibility for resigning, the turmoil continues without a new cabinet being established due to the conflict of political powers.

The effects of the new coronavirus have been combined with the worsening economic crisis, and the lives of citizens have become more difficult. Last month, citizens protesting the restrictions on going out as a countermeasure against the virus clashed with security forces. Dissatisfaction is growing.

U.S. and France Call for urgent investigation of causes and responsibilities

Six months after the massive explosion, US Secretary of State Jean-Yves Le Drian and French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian jointly issued a statement on the 4th.

In this, the two foreign ministers expressed their intention to continue to support the Lebanese people and said, "We are expecting prompt results in the investigation into the cause of the explosion. The Lebanese judicial system has eliminated political interference and eliminated political interference. It must function with transparency, "he said, calling for an urgent investigation into the cause and whereabouts of responsibility.

"Half a year after this tragic event, Lebanese officials are required to establish a credible government and immediately carry out their promise to undertake the necessary reforms," ​​he said. It was launched and urged the turmoil to settle.