China News Service, Washington, February 4 (Reporter Sha Hanting) The impeachment manager of the U.S. House of Representatives to impeach the former President Trump sent a letter to Trump's lawyer on the 4th local time, asking Trump to instigate the January 6 rebellion Come to the Senate to testify.

  The chief impeachment manager of the impeachment case, Democratic Rep. Ruskin, in a letter asked Trump to testify before or during the impeachment trial.

Ruskin said that because the Trump team opposed the "factual allegations" in the impeachment clause, it was necessary to come to the Senate to testify on oath and explain the situation on January 6.

  Ruskin did not indicate in the letter whether Trump would issue a subpoena to force him to attend if he refused to attend voluntarily.

  According to the plan, the trial against Trump's impeachment case will officially begin on the 9th of this month.

Ruskin hopes that Trump will come to testify between the 8th and the 11th.

  At present, the Trump team has not yet responded to this matter.

  On January 6, when the Congress was counting the electoral votes in the presidential election, Trump supporters violently stormed the Congress, killing at least five people.

In his speech earlier in the day, Trump called on his supporters to "do their best" to change the outcome of the election.

  On January 13, the House of Representatives voted to pass the "sedition" impeachment clause and formally impeach Trump.

The clause said that Trump incited supporters to violently attack Congress and frequently spread his false statements about winning the election and asked the Secretary of State of Georgia to find "enough votes" to win Georgia's phone recordings and other acts "deserved of impeachment."

  The Trump lawyers’ team stated in a legal statement issued on the 2nd of this month that because Trump is no longer the current president, the Senate’s impeachment trial against him is “unconstitutional”; Trump’s January 6 speech is a speech Freedom, protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution; Trump’s remarks on the election cannot be falsified.

  The impeachment manager and other Democrats said that the impeachment procedure for retired public officials is in compliance with regulations, and there is a precedent in American history.

In addition, Trump’s “sedition” must be convicted to make him ineligible to serve as a public official.