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Two minors aged 13 and 15 and a young woman of 19 were indicted for extortion, death threats, arbitrary kidnapping and forcible confinement, accompanied by torture or acts of barbarism, after the assault of a Hérault woman in 18 years old, said Raphaël Balland, the public prosecutor of Béziers (Hérault) on Wednesday evening.

The three suspects were remanded in custody.

While the others had been arrested and taken into custody on Monday, the youngest was actively wanted by the police, and was finally arrested on Wednesday.

"Humiliating and degrading treatment"

They are suspected of having assaulted a young woman, aged 18, on January 27, in Béziers.

The facts were filmed and broadcast on social networks.

This video, the viewing of which can be shocking, shows the victim, who was going to take a bus, to be beaten on numerous occasions.

According to information communicated by the prosecutor, "the victim did not know these young girls until now, she indicated that his assault was purely gratuitous, for no apparent reason".

“Gradually, investigators from the Béziers police station discovered the multiplicity of humiliating and degrading treatments imposed on the victim, including in the apartment where she had been taken by force,” continues Raphaël Balland.

During their custody, "each of the three young girls admitted having participated in the facts while referring the main responsibility to the other two", indicates the prosecutor.

Investigations are continuing.


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