- My life had just started and I felt that I was not finished with life.

I was determined that this will go well, I will manage this, says Kristin Pallman.

She makes frequent return visits, takes tablets every day, once a month she gets a syringe in her stomach that shuts off the ovaries and the estrogen production in the body.

Every three months there is an X-ray and she receives a skeletal strengthening drip.

Waiting and time are difficult to handle when living with a serious illness, Kristin says.

"In the beginning I lived in three-month cycles"

- In the beginning, I lived in three-month cycles.

I could not plan, did not dare to plan more than three months at a time.

I did not know what life would look like, says Kristin Pallman.

She describes the situation to live in periods as incredibly tough.

- It creates anxiety, stress and sleepless nights.

When you do X-rays as often as I do, a very deteriorating quality of life is created, she says.

Hear her tell in the clip above.

During the pandemic, operations have been postponed, screening has been put on hold and waiting times in other care have increased.

But cancer care has so far been prioritized within the Östergötland Region, and according to care director Jessica Frisk, that care is within "reasonable times".

The Breast Cancer Association is worried about future effects

During the spring and early summer, screening operations in Östergötland were paused for a period, and according to the chairman of the Breast Cancer Association Moa-Lina in Östergötland, the number of newly discovered breast cancer cases has decreased by almost 20 percent in 2020, compared with 2019.

- There is concern that more cases will be discovered this year and that it has also gone so much further that even more aggressive treatment needs to be instituted and that it can affect waiting times, which can increase in the future, says Kristin Pallman.

Kristin Pallman's driving force is strong, she has now learned to plan for the future.

- It's about trying to think right.

You can choose to let the thoughts take over, that you focus on your hot flashes, your body aches, your cramps.

Or you choose to try to see the positive with the day, it's blue sky, it's snow, choose the positive.