Prime Minister Jean Castex is due to speak Thursday evening alongside Minister of Health Olivier Véran, for a new update on the coronavirus epidemic.

It is "unlikely" that he announces a re-containment, but rather a reminder of the rules in force and the vaccination schedule. 

These are very well attended press conferences, since the start of the health crisis linked to Covid-19.

Prime Minister Jean Castex is due to speak again Thursday evening, at 6 p.m., alongside three members of his government.

What could he announce?

Europe 1 takes stock. 


- Coronavirus: follow the evolution of the situation Thursday, February 4

The announcement of an "unlikely" re-containment "

First, a first question: can the Prime Minister announce a new confinement?

"It is unlikely," according to those around Jean Castex, who will "not overturn the table", warns Matignon.

The line enacted Friday from the Elysee Palace, that of a reinforced curfew, should therefore remain in force. 

Except that this press conference is still planned to keep the pressure on.

"The rules put in place must be fully applied," said a government source.

It is therefore not excluded that Jean Castex shows firmness, because in the government we note that certain measures are not yet sufficiently respected.

This is particularly the case with teleworking. 

A stopover before the holidays

Finally, Thursday evening, it is expected that Jean Castex and Olivier Véran resume the vaccination schedule.

In particular, they should indicate who will receive the new AstraZeneca vaccine, when, and how: pharmacists could quickly get into the game. 


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We must therefore expect a stage press conference, a point before the French go on vacation.

Because for the moment the situation remains generally under control.

But as an adviser insists, the situation remains unchanged: "We are on a ridge line to avoid a reconfinement".