The third vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, has stated this Thursday that her main concern regarding trans law is that the concept of choosing gender "without more than mere will or desire", which can put the identity criteria of 47 million Spaniards.

Calvo, interviewed by the Catalan station Cadena Ser, stressed that this project needs "regulatory quality" and "legal certainty" to prevent the new rights that are being regulated from colliding with existing rights.

The vice president of the Executive, who is also responsible for Equality of the PSOE, has emphasized in this way that her discrepancies with the draft drawn up in the Ministry of Equality are not in the details, but in substantive concepts.

"I'm not worried about the details," said Calvo, for whom the problem with the text is not that the age of 16 is set for the change in the registry without the need for a medical report or parental consent, although the issues that affect minors must be "particularly protected"

But beyond that, the point is that the laws have to be "very scrupulous" and they must have sufficient legal certainty so that the new rights they protect do not collide or diminish those already consolidated.

Something that, in his opinion, can happen with the legislation proposed by Minister Irene Montero "putting at risk the identity criteria of the rest of the 47 million Spaniards."

"That will have to have guarantees, stability and criteria as the law has in terms of security," added Calvo, a supporter of working on the "political agreement" and "legal finesse" even if it is "as quickly as possible" .

The Trans Platform Federation asks for his resignation

The Trans Platform Federation has requested this Thursday the resignation of the first vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, considering unacceptable and frivolous the statements on the draft trans law in which she expressed concern about the fact of being able to choose the gender "without more than the mere will or desire. "

From the Federation Platform Trans they consider it frivolous "that the identity of trans people is situated in desire or whim" and not as "a present, tangible and unquestionable historical reality."

"It seems very serious to us to point out as a risk or danger for all citizens, in this affirmation lies the stigma on a vulnerable population that is targeted to be fought as a danger to society," added this federation.

The Trans Platform Federation has demanded that Calvo rectify these statements and, if he does not do so, has requested that he resign.

"It is extremely serious that from a public position of the magnitude that the second most important figure of the Spanish Government supposes, the right to identity of trans people is placed in the field of caprice and we are pointed out as social dangerous, extremes that we believed after the end of the Franco regime, "stated the president of the federation, Mar Cambrollé.

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