"Le petit Bar" in Ajaccio, April 8, 2013 -


Jean-Pierre Valentini, a multimillionaire French businessman residing in Dubai has been indicted for money laundering in an organized gang in the investigation into the illicit assets of the Corsican criminal gang of the "Petit Bar", we have learned Wednesday from the Specialized Interregional Jurisdiction (JIRS) of Marseille.

Jean-Pierre Valentini was also indicted on Tuesday for criminal conspiracy and placed under judicial supervision, JIRS said.

He cannot leave the national territory and is subject to a deposit of 1.2 million euros, said a source close to the matter.

An investment in Courchevel

In this investigation, he is suspected of having participated in a financial investment in Courchevel with Antony Perrino, heavyweight in real estate construction in Corsica and the latter's childhood friend, Mickael Ettori, one of the presumed lieutenants of the Petit Bar currently on the run, said a source familiar with the matter, confirming information from the daily

Le Monde.


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