From Monday to Friday in Media Culture, Eva Roque gives you her TV tips for the evening.

This Thursday, she offers us two programs that make us travel through Africa.

"Afrique sauvage" on France 4 at 9:05 pm and "Zip Zap Circus" at 8:50 pm on Canal + family and also available on mycanal.

What programs deserve our attention and what theme brings them together?


Departure for the African red lands, lands crushed by the sun.

On France 4, Lambert Wilson tells you about wild Africa.

From the Congo forest populated by mischievous chimpanzees to Amboseli Park in Kenya where leaping gazelles seem to dance.

One of the most beautiful animal films on Africa by James Honeyborne.

79 expeditions were necessary to build this film punctuated by changes of focal lengths.

From locusts to elephants, the order of magnitude of animals is fading in favor of sublime images.

On these lands, it is about survival.

In Cape Town, South Africa, survival is also the issue for children who hang out in the streets of townships.

Abandoned to their fate, without resources, sometimes embroiled in the spiral of drugs, they have little chance of getting out.

A couple, Laurence and Brent, had an amazing idea.

Founding a social circus: the Zip Zap circus.

In this school where education in the art of the circus is free, children from all social backgrounds, black children and white children rub shoulders.

The larger ones supervise the smaller ones.

A school of art and citizenship.

Righteousness, rigor and respect, it is a school of life that opens the doors to a brighter future.

And it works.

This documentary is a breath of fresh air, a firework display of smiles.

Brent admits that at times it was difficult, but the results are there.

Social mixing works.

The film ends with a huge spectacle given in front of 50,000 spectators.

An exceptional show as part of an equally exceptional tennis match Nadal against Federer.

All for the benefit of the foundation of the Swiss player.

Departure for Africa with:

"Afrique sauvage" on France 4 at 9:05 pm and "Zip Zap Circus" at 8:50 pm on Canal + family and also available on mycanal