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deadly acronym that Hong Nam-ki, Vice Prime Minister of Economy, wrote on his Facebook yesterday (2nd).

It means knowing when to stop and stopping where it will stop.

There are several interpretations of this deadly word, and some analyzes say that Deputy Prime Minister Hong rebelled against Democratic Party President Lee Nak-yeon, who plans to promote the 4th disaster subsidy, which is expected to be up to 30 trillion won.

Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki did not give up even when he came to the National Assembly today, and as a result, voices from within the ruling party that Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki should resign.

Reporter Kang Min-woo reported.


Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki met reporters after finishing the plenary session of the National Assembly this morning.

We asked the insider of the word'support support', which refuted the remarks of Democratic Party President Lee Nak-yeon's 4th disaster support payment.

His voice was a little shaken, but he made his intentions clear.

[Hong Nam-ki/Deputy Prime Minister of Economy: You can understand the position of the fiscal authorities in a very restrained expression.] The

Democratic Party's leadership showed a fierce response.

Among the party's top committees, the form and content of social media's remarks were both inappropriate.

In particular, Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee Chung Tae-ho even demanded that the minister, who ignores the pain of the people, should resign himself.

Representative Lee Nak-yeon, who said, "I don't want to hit the curtain," said Deputy Prime Minister Hong, who raised the level of pressure.

[Lee Nak-yeon/In addition, Democratic Party Representative: I hope the government and the ruling party will become more modest in the face of the suffering of people's lives.

In the end, the people are the owners of the finances.] The

conflict between the ruling party and the country's barracks and equipment department reflects the difference in perspective between the two sides over the size of the 4th disaster support fund.

A maximum of 30 trillion won is required to promote selective and universal support, but the Ministry of Science and Technology believes that it is difficult to exceed 10 trillion won in view of the national fiscal soundness.

A key Democratic Party official said Lee understands the pains of Deputy Prime Minister Jin Hong, who is responsible for the national fiscal responsibility, and plans to meet soon to narrow the differences between the two sides.

Ho-young Joo, head of the People's Power, said that he would cooperate with the government with a clue that it was within the reach of finances regarding the 4th disaster subsidy, which is interpreted as putting weight on the government's position.

The Blue House hurriedly drew a line that the party government would discuss.

(Video coverage: Park Jin-ho, video editing: Ha Seong-won, CG: Jo Soo-in)