The Israeli Maariv newspaper said that Israeli Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen had offered officials in Khartoum, Israeli companies to implement projects in Sudan, after steps of normalization between the two countries.

The newspaper added on Tuesday that Sudan will soon send a delegation of businessmen to deepen cooperation, while the Sudanese authorities did not comment on the report published by the Israeli newspaper.

And Cohen visited Khartoum, last week, in the first visit of an Israeli minister to Sudan.

Maariv confirmed that the two sides discussed during the visit the possibilities of cooperation between the two countries in partial projects in the fields of renewable energy, agriculture, health and aviation.

However, it added that these projects will be implemented by the Israeli business sector.

The newspaper cited an example by saying that the Israeli Fertilizer Company announced its willingness to consider 100% financing for the establishment of a factory in Sudan to produce fertilizers suitable for dry areas.

"During Minister Cohen's visit, he explained to the Sudanese that Israeli fertilizer companies, which sell their products in more than 100 countries around the world, are known for the safest and most efficient production in the market, and their products allow farmers to grow more crops with less impact on the environment," she said.

According to the Israeli newspaper, the Israeli delegation suggested that the government send a mission to Sudan to investigate dairy products in the country, in order to identify possible ways to increase milk productivity and provide training and advice for milk production in arid regions by changing the methods of raising cows.

The newspaper indicated that the Sudanese government intends to send a delegation of businessmen to Israel in the near future, to closely identify the various projects and discuss strengthening cooperation, canceling the boycott law against Israel, and amending the law that provides for the imprisonment of Sudanese immigrants, including those who were present in Israel and returned To their country.

On 23 October, Sudan announced the normalization of its relations with Israel, but several national political forces announced their categorical rejection, including the parties participating in the ruling coalition.

According to Israeli media, the administration of former US President Donald Trump tried in its last days to organize an official signing ceremony for the normalization agreement with the participation of the leadership of the two countries, but this was not possible for various reasons, including the closure of Corona in Israel, and security tensions between Sudan and Ethiopia.