The Vox deputy in the Congress of Deputies,

Patricia de las Heras

, has pulled the Penal Code to denounce the rectal tests that are being done to detect those infected with coronavirus.

De las Heras, a lawyer by profession, has shared on the networks a piece of news from El Mundo about the start of these tests in Galicia, followed by

article 179 of the Penal Code

: "When the sexual assault consists of carnal access via vaginal, anal or mouth, or introduction of bodily limbs or objects by one of the first two routes, the person responsible will be punished as guilty of

rape with a prison sentence of six to 12 years


Rectal tests began to be performed last week in China, where they say it is more effective than current PCR and nasal antigen tests.

Galicia has decided to import the method.

And the

Servizo Galego de Sa├║de (Sergas)

reserves it for seriously hospitalized people with "high airway compromise", as well as newborns or patients with "little collaboration" or in "agitation situations".

The test is similar to PCR except for the hole from which the samples are taken.

That is,

a cotton swab is inserted into the rectum, rotated

, and removed for processing.

Many people have responded to the tweet by De las Heras, a deputy for the island of


, which highlights that the patient cannot consent to the test, or that "if she is plugged into oxygen therapy, why do she need PCR?"

And in another tweet he asked: "What do virologists think about locating a respiratory virus through the anal route?

Is this another idea from the" experts "committee?"

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