• Impeachment for Trump, trial from 8 February.

    Biden doubts the numbers are there

  • Usa, the House approves Trump's impeachment procedure

  • Fbi launches an appeal for the identification of the rioters in the Capitol

  • US, Trump grants pardon to 73 people: Steve Bannon is also there

  • Obama: Trump instigated violence, a shame for the United States

  • Longest day in Washington: live coverage of the armed assault on the Capitol


February 02, 2021The managers who will represent the prosecution during the impeachment trial of the former US president starting next week describe the conduct of Donald Trump as "a betrayal of historical proportions".

"He endangered the lives of all members of Congress by inciting supporters to revolt by charging them like a cannon aimed at the Capitol," they say.

Donald Trump's "individual responsibility" for the January 6 events that led to the onslaught of Congress "is unambiguous." 

Trump "also threatened the constitutional system that protects fundamental freedoms, jeopardized a peaceful handover of power and compromised national security".

All this, the managers conclude, constitutes "a constitutional violation that legitimizes the exclusion from any future federal office".

The defense: the senate no longer has jurisdiction over him

"The senate no longer has jurisdiction over Donald Trump": this is the line of defense of the former US president who replies to the prosecutors by defining the impeachment article "wrong".


Conviction However, it seems very unlikely that Trump's second impeachment trial will end in conviction, since Democrats would need the votes of 17 Republican senators.

Last week 45 of the 50 Republicans in the Senate voted a motion to affirm the unconstitutionality of an impeachment trial against a president who is no longer in office.