China News Service, February 2nd. According to the Asia News Agency of Japan, the latest public opinion survey conducted by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun and others show that 90% of the people want to extend the implementation time of the "state of emergency".

  This public opinion survey was jointly conducted by the Nikkei and TV Tokyo from January 29 to 31.

In response to the government’s plan to end the “state of emergency” on February 7, 45% of the people believed that “the areas currently implementing the state of emergency must be extended”, and another 45% believed that “the lockdown of the epidemic is still expanding in areas where the emergency continues to be implemented. Status", the two combined reached 90%, and the opponents only had 6%.

On January 7, local time, in Tokyo, Japan, people traveled wearing masks.

  In order to prevent the continuous spread of the new crown epidemic, the Japanese government has taken the lead in implementing the "state of emergency" in the Tokyo metropolitan area from January 8. From the 13th, it has also begun to implement the "emergency" in the Kansai region, Fukuoka and Tochigi prefectures. status".

According to the original plan, all the above-mentioned areas will end the implementation of the state of emergency on February 7.

  However, with the exception of Tochigi Prefecture, although the number of infected people in other regions has fallen, the utilization rate of hospital beds remains high, and medical resources continue to face a state of tension.

Therefore, there have also been calls within the government to continue extending the "state of emergency".

According to the latest news, the Japanese government plans to extend the "state of emergency" for another month, ending on March 7.

  The survey results of Nikkei News Agency and others also show that 79% of people believe that it is too late for the Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's regime to declare a state of emergency.

The approval rate of Yoshihide Suga's cabinet was 43%, and the disapproval rate reached 50%.

55% of people think that Yoshihide Suga’s “inadequate guidance”.