Bodybuilder Johannes Loima has died at the age of 27, the Finnish Bodybuilding Association says on his Instagram account.

The Finnish Bodybuilding Association published a text written by the Loima family on Instagram.

- John was exhausted by the long difficulties, and the help did not come in time.

His family wants to be open about it so that mental illnesses are taken seriously and mental health services are remedied.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

The family now hopes for privacy in their grief and thanks the Bodybuilding Association for supporting John.

- Eternal Memory, Johannes Loima 26.9.1993–30.1.2021.

The Finnish Bodybuilding Association expressed its condolences to Loima's family and remembered the athlete on Instagram.

- The Finnish Bodybuilding Association takes part in the grief and hopes for strength for Johannes' family.

The talented athlete and great personality is gone, but will remain in our memories and remain in the history of bodybuilding as one of the most talented athletes of all time in our sport.

Loima won the Finnish Bodybuilding Championship twice in her career.

In addition, he won several medal places in various competitions.