China News Agency, Moscow, February 2 (Reporter Wang Xiujun) The Russian Black Sea Fleet Press Office announced on the 1st that the Russian "Admiral Makarov" frigate was in the Black Sea with the Russian "Bastion" shore-based anti-ship missile The troops jointly conducted exercises to destroy enemy ships.

On the same day, the Ukrainian Naval Information Service announced that Ukraine and US warships conducted joint exercises in the Black Sea.

  The Russian warship exercises were conducted under the background of an imaginary enemy ship intending to strike at targets on the shore of the Black Sea Fleet. The frigate "Admiral Makarov" destroyed the enemy ship with a missile simulation after spotting the enemy.

The "Bastion" shore-based anti-ship missile force also conducted simulated firing on the imaginary enemy ship after the "Admiral Makarov" frigate launched the missile.

Data map: The Russian Navy held a rehearsal for the Navy Day parade in the Black Sea, where a variety of warships and weapons appeared.

  The press office of the Russian Black Sea Fleet stated that the exercise was carried out in accordance with the Black Sea Fleet combat training plan.

  According to the Ukrainian Navy Information Service, on the 1st, the Ukrainian Navy and the US Navy conducted a joint exercise with a destroyer and a support ship.

The exercise aims to maintain the stability of the Black Sea and improve the coordination of the U.S. and U.S. navies.

  On January 23 and January 28, the US destroyers "Donald Cook" and "Porter" sailed into the Black Sea respectively.

Since then, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that it had continuously monitored the activities of the two US ships in the Black Sea.