Bonn / Tübingen (dpa / lsw) - Tübingen's Lord Mayor Boris Palmer (Greens) is campaigning for the vaccine from the Tübingen company Curevac to come onto the market with emergency approval.

Because of the shortage of vaccines, rapid approval of the vaccine from the Tübingen bio-pharmaceutical company is necessary.

«If you want to intervene politically, you should look again at the question of approval.

I would advocate that the Curevac vaccine get an emergency approval, then we have it available four or six weeks earlier, ”said Palmer, the television station phoenix on Tuesday.

The vaccine from CureVac is just as safe and well-tested as other vaccines.

Curevac is currently developing the vaccine.

Like the vaccines from Biontech and Moderna, it is based on so-called “messenger RNA” (messenger RNA).

Curevac hopes to be able to use its corona vaccine this summer.


The EU Commission has come under fire because vaccine is scarce in the EU and far fewer people have been immunized in percentage terms than in Great Britain or Israel, for example.

This is partly because the funds in the EU are supposed to get market approval instead of just emergency approval - and that takes longer.

So the vaccination campaign started later.

Vaccines from Biontech / Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca are currently approved in the EU.

Two other manufacturers - Johnson & Johnson and Novavax - are in the starting blocks and could get EU approval.

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