In addition, the Democratic Party's representative Lee Nak-yeon officially announced the promotion of the 4th disaster support fund through a speech from the representative of the parliamentary bargaining organization on the morning of the 2nd.

Representative Lee said, "We will prepare the 4th disaster subsidy," and "We will discuss with the government for customized support and support for the whole people in the supplementary arrangement."

It means that we will promote'selection support' for the victims and'universal support' for all the people.

Representative Lee explained that he will provide thick support to the vulnerable and victims who have been damaged by the quarantine measures, and that the support for all citizens, which has a character of stimulating the economy, will determine the timing of payment based on the trend of Corona 19.

It appears to be based on the judgment that the social distancing measures have been extended one after another, and the economic damage suffered by small business owners and self-employed is increasing.

In addition, it is interpreted with the intent of responding in a timely and responsive manner when the need to boost consumption is raised in the future by setting up a budget for all national disaster support funds.

Some say that by explaining the overall disaster subsidies promotion plan in advance, it also contains a strategy to eliminate the dichotomy between selective payment and universal payment.

Accordingly, it is expected that discussions related to the formation of an additional budget will begin immediately at the extraordinary National Assembly this month, which opened yesterday.

If the supplementary arrangement proceeds smoothly, payments will be possible as early as next month.

The necessary budget is estimated to be at least 20 trillion won, considering the first 14.3 trillion won targeting the entire population and the 3rd 9.3 trillion won customized.

An official from the Democratic Party said, "The basic position of the party is that sufficient funds must be invested in order to achieve the expected effect."

In today's speech at the representative of the bargaining organization, CEO Lee presented the 4th Disaster Support Fund initiative and the new welfare system plan he was drawing.

CEO Lee is aiming to reach the middle class level'appropriate standard' by 2030 while guaranteeing the'lowest standard' for a minimum human life in all areas such as income, housing, education, medical care, care, and environment Proposed'National Living Standard 2030'.

Representative Lee said, "We must provide income support for each life cycle of children, youth, adults, and the elderly," and suggested that the child allowance, which is currently 7 years old, should be expanded to 18 years old.

In addition, it announced that it would introduce the national injury and illness allowance and increase the rate of full-day care to 40%.

Previously, Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myeong introduced the so-called'Basic Policy' series, followed by Lee also presenting the blueprint for'National Living Standards 2030', and the competition for policies among the major passport players is in earnest.

(Photo = Yonhap News)