China News Service, February 2nd. According to foreign media reports, a nursing home in Toledo, central Spain, had an outbreak. The staff confirmed that more than 70 residents of the nursing home tested positive for the new crown and at least 7 people died from the new crown.

These elderly people had received the first dose of the new crown vaccine more than ten days before the diagnosis.

On September 2, 2020, local time, in Barcelona, ​​Spain, a nursing home pushed the elderly to the glass windows to meet relatives and friends who came to visit.

  According to "Russia Today" quoted the Spanish Efe News Agency (EFE), most of the people who died from the new crown in the nursing home had previously suffered from the disease. Currently, 4 residents are hospitalized and 12 staff members have also been infected with the new crown virus.

  The nursing home where the epidemic broke out recently issued a statement saying, “On January 13, everyone, including nursing home staff, received the first dose of Pfizer vaccine. Six days later, 10 residents began to develop symptoms.

  On January 21, the local administration approved the testing of all residents of the nursing home.

The test results released on January 25 showed that all residents except one resident were infected with the new coronavirus. Soon after, the surviving resident also tested positive.

  It is said that the nursing home has arranged for residents to receive a second dose of Pfizer vaccine on February 3, and the next round of PCR testing will be carried out on February 5.

  Currently, nearly 1.5 million people in Spain have been vaccinated by Pfizer or Modena.