A Glock pistol.

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Richard Watt / MoD / Rex / REX / SIPA

He was still in police custody late Monday afternoon.

A 23-year-old young man was arrested after a chase that took place on Sunday evening in Nantes.

This motorist had been spotted by a patrol while driving hooded and gloved, Malakoff district.

A worrying attitude especially as the license plate of his Audi was illegible, "because of stickers and surgical masks placed on it", reports the police.

The vehicle accelerated, trying to get out of control.

But after hitting a tree, the driver reportedly got out of the car, before turning around.

He was reportedly arrested with “great difficulty” by the police from the anti-crime squad.

A loaded semi-automatic

On the floor of the car, passenger side, a semi-automatic pistol, type Glock, was found.

"The weapon was supplied by several cartridges and was ready for use", specifies the police.

The suspect, whose motives are unknown, was prohibited from possessing a weapon.


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