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In this section we interview people with a non-standard answer to the standard question: What are you actually doing?

This time Chantall van den Heuvel (45) writes reviews about sex toys.


Chantall van den Heuvel





Number of toys tested:


For Chantall van den Heuvel, the corona crisis has not changed much in her work.

She was already working from home.

In fact;

from her bed.

Van den Heuvel is a sex toy tester.

In the twenty years that she has been doing this job, she has inspected more than 1,250 vibrators, dildos and other pleasure clubs.

"People are always shouting oooh, enjoy all day long!"

she says.

"But I actually spend most of the time writing reviews and my administration. The testing itself is done in half an hour."

Van den Heuvel started her career as a copywriter and editor-in-chief.

Until she was asked in 2001 by the editor-in-chief of erotic magazine Foxy to take care of the product pages.

“That was fun, but they were very short stretches,” she recalls.

"A hundred words per toy. Then you can't go into the depth."

Moreover, according to her, the readership of the Foxy consisted largely of male truck drivers and the toys were also less aimed at women at the time.

Van den Heuvel: "Bad material and it didn't look sexy at all."

Safe material and good vibrations

She started her own blog, Climaximaal, where she writes extensive reviews.

At the same time, a development started in the sex toy industry, focused on the wishes of women, beautiful design and quality of materials.

Van den Heuvel especially can applaud the latest development: toys that work on air pressure.


she says.

"Several of them are in my personal top ten."

“Never buy the cheapest toy.

They are usually made of very unhealthy material. ”

The qualities she tests for are safety, material and vibration quality.

Van den Heuvel: "Never buy the cheapest toys. They are usually made of very unhealthy material. Try to find something made of silicone, for example."

She receives the toys from shops and companies she works with.

She earns money through affiliate marketing: if a visitor buys the toy, she receives a percentage.

"But I'm also very honest!"

says van den Heuvel.

"If I don't like something, I just give a bad review. My readers know: if Chantall is enthusiastic, then it's good too."

'You just have to test some things on your own first'

But what does such a working day look like?

Is a romantic atmosphere also created or is the testing just done with a cup of coffee next to it?

Van den Heuvel, laughing: "Romance is strange to me! Especially do it, if that's your thing. But I'm goal-oriented and just want an orgasm. Yes, in the winter I sometimes put on an electric blanket."

Her boyfriend does participate regularly.

"But not always, you know! Some things you just have to test alone first, or introduce them very precisely. Then I say: don't get involved."

She keeps the most beautiful and craziest toys she has received in her personal IKEA toy cupboard: like a vibrator in the shape of a rubber duck.

Nice for the collection, but not for use.

Van den Heuvel: "You can't take yourself seriously, you are lying there making out with a duck!"

Her most favorite toys are therefore not in this trophy cabinet, but standard on her bedside table.

They have more than proven their service.