Borrow money to buy funds after 90?

Don't let investment become speculation

  To borrow money to enter the market?

Since last year, due to the positive fund trend, many post-90s investors have entered the market.

Because of their own income levels and insufficient wealth accumulation, some young investors started the idea of ​​borrowing money to enter the market.

According to reports, a user on Douban claimed that he borrowed 10,000 yuan through online loans in July 2020, bought 4 funds, and sold them out a week later. After deducting the handling fee, he earned nearly 300 yuan. Like a tiger".

This idea of ​​obtaining short-term profits in the capital market through leverage has been recognized by some young investors.

  It should be admitted that from the previous "national stock speculation" to the current popularity of investment funds, it reflects the trend of maturing public investment concepts.

Buying a fund is to give your own property to professionals to take care of. For non-professional investors, it can reduce blindness and impulse to invest.

In recent years, governments at all levels have encouraged multiple channels to increase residents’ property income. Young people use their savings for investment, which is a reasonable and legal way to increase property income.

  However, no matter what investment is risky, the risk of the fund should not be underestimated.

For stock funds that are of public concern, the stock market has risen and fallen, and funds have naturally risen and fallen.

No matter how powerful a trader is, there is no guarantee that he will always have a book profit.

Since last year, the overall upward trend of the stock market has been caused by a variety of factors. The "bull market" has driven the prosperity of the fund market.

Although people do not know when this round of bull market will reach its peak, it is certain that there will not be a permanent bull market in the market.

  For young investors with unreliable investment styles and immature investment concepts, it is even more important to maintain risk awareness.

Profiting in the capital market requires not only technology, but also luck, and more patience.

Getting the principal through borrowing rashly is not so much an investment as it is more speculative.

Once the market is unfavorable, not only will you suffer losses, you may also be unable to pay off your loans, leave a record of dishonesty, and even be restricted in your life.

  The "Interim Measures for the Administration of Internet Loans of Commercial Banks" stipulates that loan funds shall not be used for investments in stocks, bonds, futures, financial derivatives and asset management products.

Using Internet loans, or even cashing out by credit cards to obtain investment principal, violates the rules, laws and regulations of financial products.

Relevant departments should strengthen supervision and urge financial institutions to implement audit responsibilities and strengthen risk control.

This is not only to maintain financial security, but also to correct investor misconduct.

  In this round of quotations, some "star funds" are sought after by young investors.

Due to the good performance of these funds, the corresponding fund managers are worshipped by young Christians "star chasing", and some people even set up "fan groups" for star fund managers.

What needs to be seen is that although fund managers have a very important influence on performance, no matter how powerful a fund manager is, it is not a god, and there is no guarantee that it will only make a profit.

If you lose, the investor's wallet will suffer.

It is not difficult to imagine that the fund manager will be lifted to the sky when making money. It is also possible to step on the fund manager when losing money. This is also an immature investment concept.

  In the final analysis, since investors have paid real money, they are responsible for their investment decisions.

It is not a certain investment manager who buys a fund, but is optimistic about the future trend of the corresponding investment field.

Investing with the mentality of "chasing stars" may lose independent judgment and waver in the crowd.

  Recently, some short videos about investment have become popular on online platforms.

As a form of dissemination that young people love and see, it is understandable to disseminate investment knowledge in the form of short videos.

However, it is easy to get started with investment, and it is difficult to reach a professional level. The knowledge taught by short videos is limited.

If you think you can become an "investment expert" by watching short videos, you might fall into another misunderstanding.

If you want to master more solid investment knowledge, you must steadfastly conduct professional learning, and don't expect to become a "great god" easily.

  Young people’s attempts at diversified financial management are a reflection of their “financial quotient”.

Due to the low income of traditional bank savings and wealth management, it is a normal and reasonable idea to allocate some assets in the capital market.

It should be noted that participating in investment should neither be fooled by the myth of "getting rich overnight", nor should you give up on your own due to temporary losses.

Only by deeply understanding the laws of investment and developing a good investment mentality can we avoid unnecessary risks and obtain ideal property income.

  Again, investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market.

  Nanxiang Song Source: China Youth Daily