China News Service, Xuzhou, February 2 (Yang Chuan, Li Zheng, Jia Jinliang) On February 1, a combined brigade of the 71st Army of the Army was guided by the "Army Military Training Program" and "Military Sports Training Program" to closely follow the tasks of the job. In accordance with the actual situation of the work, organized mass training and competition activities in a field training ground, focusing on improving the basic military quality of officers and soldiers, and establishing the orientation of actual combat training.

The leaders of the brigade issued certificates and trophies to the runners who won the ranking.

Photo by Wang Wenzhou

The contestants passed the 400-meter obstacle.

Li Zhengshe

  The reporter was informed that this military competition was aimed at all officers and soldiers, and through the methods of testing and promoting training and comparing and promoting training, it stimulated the momentum of training and continued to raise the upsurge of training.

A total of 9 teams participated in the competition, which was carried out in a combination of group-by-person work and collective operation. It was mainly carried out around 19 subjects such as 10 km cross-country running, 5 km armed cross-country, and passing 400-meter obstacles to comprehensively examine the combat physical fitness of officers and soldiers. Skill quality.

The contestants passed the 400-meter obstacle.

Li Zhengshe

  The reporter saw at the competition site that on the 400-meter obstacle course, contestants jumped into deep pits, flew low walls, and crossed ladders, moving clouds and flowing water, and competed thrillingly. In the shooting project filled with gunpowder, contestants need to complete 50-meter pistol shooting. "Extreme shooting" subjects such as the 200-meter automatic rifle...

Contestants participated in automatic rifle shooting with a precision of 200 meters.

Photo by Fu Shaoxuan

  It is understood that the brigade conducts mass training and competition activities on a regular basis, focusing on extreme training.

During the competition, the grass-roots conduct supervisors supervised the discipline throughout the entire process, took pictures at multiple locations and recorded the competition process at full time, to ensure that the competition was open, transparent, fair and just.

The leaders of the brigade took a group photo with the contestants who won the competition.

Li Zhengshe

Participants are in the final of the "Hundred-meter Flying Man"

Photo by Li Zhong

  "In view of the small number of officers and soldiers who have weaknesses in combat physical fitness and gaps in tactical literacy revealed by mass training contests, we will accurately study countermeasures, continue to organize contests, and improve the training level of the troops while strengthening the strength and strengthening the weakness." said Brigade Commander Jia Xinjun.


The leaders of the brigade cheered for the athletes participating in the 400-meter obstacle.

Li Zhengshe