A housing plan for "the working middle class" with a minimum rent of 450 euros.

That is the path in which the Madrid City Council is advancing with its Housing Bonus, included in the Comprehensive Rental Plan, which may be accepted by those citizens

under 35 years of age or over 65 with gross salaries between 32,200 and 88,200 euros

-between 3 and 7.5 times the minimum wage- provided they have been registered in the capital for more than five years.

"The idea of ​​this aid plan is that no one can be left without access to a home in the city of Madrid," said the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who stressed that this plan with four lines of action focuses in those Madrilenians "with difficulties to emancipate themselves due to their socioeconomic situation" who

"never" will have to invest more than 30% of their salary in rent


Thus, the Housing Bonus will be available in that age and salary range, but citizens with a disability equal to or greater than 33%, dependent on grade II or III, will also be able to access it;

with economically dependent children under 25 years of age, with dependent disabled children without age limit or separated with children.

Depending on the criteria of each of these people,

the rental aid may reach up to 900 euros


But this will be only one of the four axes on which the municipal government will focus its housing strategy "following the spirit of the La Villa Agreements", as stated by Almeida, who has indicated that this rental plan has been approved by " the unanimity of all municipal groups "in the Board of Directors of the Municipal Housing and Land Company.

"It is the sign that there is still room for consensus," said the councilor.

Empty and tourist homes

The Madrid City Council, according to the data provided by the EMVS, estimates that in the capital there are about 10,000 empty homes that can benefit from this rental plan.

According to the calculations made by Cibeles, the corporation will be able to put about 100 on the market this year and another hundred next year,

reaching 500 at the end of the legislature and 1,000 by the middle of the next term

, in 2025. "We are aware of the public housing problem that exists in this city, "said the CEO of the EMVS, Diego Lozano this Monday.

"Madrid is one of the capitals with the smallest stock of social rental housing with 2%", he highlighted in contrast to other large capitals such as Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris or Berlin where that figure is "much higher".

For this reason, the City Council is working on the construction of nine social housing developments and will put out to tender another three during this year, it will acquire part of the empty house and

also plans to incorporate tourist flats in this section, now without activity due to the lack of travelers


"It seems prudent to us at this time when they barely have any activity," assured Almeida, who indicated that this would allow solving part of the "resident problem" in the Centro district.

Youth plan and building plots

In its rental strategy, the City Council also includes the Young Trust program, in which the EMVS will

advance the payment of the deposit to those under 35 years of age with salaries less than 37,300 euros

and five years of registration and they will have 24 months to return them without interest, or the Reviva Plan where the owner will receive the rent of his empty property if he gives it up whether it is occupied or not and the City Council will undertake reforms of up to 45,000 euros that will be returned with the monthly rent.

In addition, the municipal corporation will put on the market, through its disposal by public tender, ten plots for residential use of free housing to build collective housing under the cooperative regime and another 26 for affordable rent available to public-private collaboration.

"This is the true liberal model," said the deputy mayor, Begoña Villacís, who has defended the City Council's new rental plan, assuring that

"someone who receives 24,550 euros a year cannot be described as rich



The deputy mayor has reached that amount by converting the minimum gross salary set to access the Housing Bonus -32,000 euros- into a net salary after paying taxes.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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