One of the most daily problems that women suffer from is the difficulty of losing weight, whenever they decide to follow a diet with the aim of slimming down, and surprisingly, men lose kilograms more and faster than women.

This may seem frustrating to many and discouraging them, but there are some factors that should be aware of when comparing the ability of men and women to lose weight, despite following the same dietary plan.

A study published by Prevention Prevention reports that there are 5 reasons why men have a different metabolism, which gives their bodies a greater chance of losing weight faster.

Men's muscles

Men have more muscle than women, which supports faster fat burning. Men have more muscles in the upper body, and then men outperform women with a 5: 10 ratio in weight loss.

Men have more muscle than women, which supports faster fat burning (News Agency)

Testosterone is a men's friend

But there is another element that is allied in favor of men as well, which is the testosterone hormone. It increases about 10 times more in men, as it makes a man like a mobile gym, making him burn fat even if he watches TV.

In another study prepared by the Journal of Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, published in August 2017, and conducted over a period of 8 weeks, on two thousand people suffering from obesity and prediabetes, in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, everyone was subjected to a diet containing 800 calories per day, in By the end of the eight weeks, 35% of the sample had responded significantly and had normal blood sugar levels.

The researchers revealed that the average weight loss of men in the sample was 11.35 kilograms, compared to women whose average weight loss did not exceed 10 kilograms.

The study was not only satisfied with that result, but the researchers also noted that rates of low blood pressure, regular heart rate, and levels of improvement in general health, go better in favor of the men in the study sample, and the researchers concluded that the remarkable change in the external appearance that occurs to men when they lose weight , Due to the fact that they have a lot of fat around the abdomen, which is quick to descend, compared to women, which usually starts with subcutaneous fat, which hinders the immediate result on the appearance of the body like men.

Women treat stress with food

When it comes to anxiety, don't talk to me about diets. That quote is definitely from one of those people who underwent a Brookhaven National Laboratory study. Researchers have found that when preparing baked goods, cakes, and pizzas, women cannot resist the smell, and they cannot stop thinking about Eating, even after being asked to think about something else, while the men managed to control food tension.

Women treat stress with high-calorie food (Deutsche Welle)

Men are fond of the achievements of the beginnings

In a study conducted by the British Journal of Nutrition, when men and women were placed in one diet program, men lost twice the weight and 3 times the fat that women lost, in a two-month period, which is the study time, but after 6 months, the weight loss was equal, in both genders, which is what It is due to the nature of the metabolism of men's bodies, and despite the maintenance of men a little lead, the equality finally has brought patience and maintaining the pattern of sports and healthy food.

Outwardly lucky

Men tend to have the apple shape in the distribution of their fat, and thus it is concentrated in the abdomen and chest area, unlike women with a pear shape, studies have shown that chest and abdomen fat is the fastest to descend, and the most influential on the outward appearance of the shape of the body, unlike the pears that are filled with their bodies in the back and buttocks Therefore, without much effort, men lose their fat faster, but this also has a great impact on them, as they are more prone to strokes and heart disease.