Cops had to issue 10,810 fines in a week for those who ignored curfew, police reported Monday.

In total, almost thirteen thousand corona fines were issued last week, because several thousand people, for example, did not comply with the applicable mouth masking obligation.

610 people also received a warning.

Chief of Police Henk van Essen said before the weekend that "the time for warning was over".

According to Van Essen, this is also reflected in the number of fines.

Dutch people who are outside after 9 p.m. without serious reason risk a fine of 95 euros.

The measure has been in effect since January 23.

Last week, many places in the country still raged against the introduction of the curfew.

Meanwhile, things seem to have returned somewhat.

Last weekend was only feared for disturbances in Amsterdam and Apeldoorn, but it remained relatively quiet there.

Some people were arrested in the latter city.


: The police previously reported that it concerned fines that were handed out last weekend.

The figures now appear to cover a whole week.