“In principle, all my clients after this quarantine say that they began to spend more time in messengers, networks and on the Internet in general.

It definitely is.

How to deal with this?

The first step in dealing with any addiction is recognizing that it exists.

Until a person admits that he is addicted, there is nothing to work with, ”explained Khors.

He added that addiction has a clear sign - an uncomfortable state with no object or no action.

“If a person puts the phone aside and tries to do some business, but feels insecure - all the time he wants to get there again, he gets distracted from other things by looking at the messenger or social network, and instead of what he planned, he sits and twists , twists, twists the tape - this means that he is dependent, "- said the specialist.

According to the psychologist, the next step is to take the right position.

“To leave the position“ I want to look there ”to the position“ I don’t want - I want to do sports, work, relationships, development, but my addiction pulls me there ”.

When a person takes such a position, already with this craving, with this need, which contradicts his goals, his desires, it is easier to cope, ”he explained.

According to Khors, if we talk about instrumental assistants, then, for example, there are applications that show how much time we spend in a particular program, in the phone as a whole.

"What is it for?

There is such an approach: accounting - control - management.

That is, without this accounting it is difficult to exercise control, and without control, management is impossible.

When we see every day how much time we spend in a particular network, then we can fight it with greater efficiency, ”the specialist said.

He also advised to divide the sheet into two parts: on the left write what the person does not want, and on the right, on the contrary, what he wants.

“And accordingly,“ what I don’t want ”is all the damage that comes from sitting in social networks.

If on the left it says “loss of time”, then on the right - “time for sports, time for development, for reading, for work, relationships”.

And then the left side needs to be torn off and thrown away, and the right side (“my goals, my desires”) should be hung right in front of my eyes, and then there will be more reminders of where I am going, what my goals are, which means it will be easier to understand that this constant scrolling of the feed on the social network is a departure from one's goals, "the psychologist concluded.

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