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US, when the'GameStop' stock trading resumed, it surged again.

It is a confrontation between individual investors and short selling forces. In this evaluation, the representative of a securities company, who restricted private investor transactions, had to directly clarify.

From Virginia, correspondent Kim Soo-hyung sent me news.


This man in his 30s in Missouri was a windfall with GameStop stock.

I invested 5 million won, but now the stock is worth over 1.2 billion won.

[Vanover/GameStop Stock Investor: This is the first moment to see that ants can gather to beat a giant institution.]

Amidst being called a bout between ants and short selling forces, individual investors were beaten by restricting stock trading. The representative of an online securities company in the United States finally went on to explain.

In a short period of time, the stock price rose so much that the stock obligation deposits soared 10 times, which was inevitable.

[Tenev/Securities Co., CEO Robin Hood: To protect the company and its customers, we had to limit purchases.]

However, the investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission seems inevitable.

Gamestop shares surged again by 68% on Friday last week as trading restrictions were lifted.

Korean individual investors, so-called'seohak ants', also sold 60 billion won worth of GameStop stocks as of the 29th, but they show extreme volatility.

The stock price is fluctuating, but Gamestop stores selling game consoles are no different from usual.

[Gamestop employee: (Did the number of customers increase more after the stock price surged?) It is difficult to say that.

But there are certainly more people asking such a question.]

Amid the struggle between Internet ants and Wall Street institutions, it is noteworthy how the GameStop will affect our stock market tomorrow (1st).

(Video coverage: Jeongsik Oh, video editing: Yonghwa Jung)