The winter weather completely surprised motorists in Espoo on Saturday.

The snow was dusting.

The situation was the same elsewhere in southern Finland.

And still going on.

By the beginning, there were “a dozen” different exits or slight beak crashes on the roads in the direction of Espoo, the Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department was told.

- Derailments in Turunväylä, Länsiväylä, the first circle and the second circle, and to the west on smaller roads with bump crashes.

- However, not injured.

At 19.03, the emergency center received a notification about a car on its roof on the roof at Laajalahti in the first circle.

When the rescue services arrived at the scene, the three people in the car had managed to get out of the belts and out of the car and climb, and stood head firmly up again.

The car had slipped, collided with a snowshoe, and rolled to its roof.