During the Spring Festival, the railway department introduced a series of measures to facilitate the travel of passengers such as the elderly and non-smartphone users

[Together across the "digital divide"②] "I have also caught up with the era of high-speed rail"

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  On January 28, the 2021 Spring Festival Transport Festival kicked off. On that day, the national railways sent 4 million passengers.

It is not only the wanderers who are returning home, but also many elderly passengers who are going to reunite with their children on the spot for the Chinese New Year. Many people travel far away without their children.

How to book tickets without knowing the internet?

How to enter the station without a health code?

Do not know how to pay for the ticket by scanning the code?

These problems both plague elderly travelers.

  During the Spring Festival this year, the railway department provided many customized services for the elderly, retained and improved the face-to-face model of offline services for the elderly, launched a number of special service measures for elderly passengers, and retained artificial real-name channels and ticket gates.

These measures not only help the elderly to cross the digital divide and enjoy the dividends brought by the development of railways, but also demonstrate the original intention of "People's Railways for the People".

  Zhao Wenjun, who lives in Fengshun County, Guangdong Province, is 76 years old this year. He has spent most of his life in the county and there is no need to travel far.

Two days ago, Zhao Lei, his son who works in Shenzhen, called him: "Abba, I can't go home for the New Year this year. Would you like to visit your grandson in Shenzhen?"

  As soon as he thought of seeing his grandson, Zhao Wenjun agreed at once, "I can take the high-speed train by myself." After hanging up the phone, he became nervous. He has not taken the high-speed train before. He can't speak very clearly in Mandarin. Buying tickets, how to get into the station, and how to get on the train is even more ignorant.

  At the work conference at the beginning of this year, Lu Dongfu, chairman and party secretary of the China National Railway Group, said that in 2021, the railway department will guarantee offline services for the elderly and offline people.

During the Spring Festival this year, the railway department introduced a series of measures to facilitate the people and benefit the people to facilitate passengers such as the elderly and non-smartphone users to travel by car.

I want to surprise the children

  In fact, Zhao Wenjun's situation is really not a case in Fengshun County.

The county is located in an old revolutionary area, the economy is not particularly developed, and the traffic is relatively blocked.

The Meishan high-speed rail opened soon, and many local tourists still don’t know how to take the high-speed rail.

Many elderly passengers can only speak Hakka and do not know how to communicate with train station staff in Mandarin.

  Walking to the entrance, Zhao Wenjun spoke to the staff in Hakka words: "Comrade, Yu (I) want to go to Shenzhen, how about (how) buy a ticket and ride a bus?"

  At the Guangzhou station, Zhang Zhiguo, who is more than a decade old, also worried that he would not be able to buy tickets because he didn't use mobile payments much.

My son gave him a smartphone during his birthday, but forgot after learning it, and then gave up.

Although electronic payments can be seen everywhere in the streets, Zhang Zhiguo still likes to use cash.

"You can see and touch, how much you spend." He always told his son.

  In Changde, Hunan, through his own online booking, the passenger Liu Liang was not worried that his 80-year-old mother would not be able to buy the tickets, but he was worried that there would be no lower-shop tickets.

My mother was unable to walk alone because of varicose veins and had to rely on a wheelchair. This time I went to Guangzhou to receive treatment.

  "Would you not be eliminated by the society with smart phones or electronic payments? It must be shown to the children that they are not their burden." Zhang Zhiguo decided to take the high-speed train to Foshan to visit the children, giving them a surprise. I don't believe it either. How can I not buy a ticket with RMB?" He came to Guangzhou Railway Station. The last time he came here was 10 years ago.

"Solved my big problem"

  "I think the kids buy tickets online. Now everyone pays electronically. Will the train station cancel the manual ticket purchase?" Zhang Zhiguo arrived at the ticket window of Guangzhou Station at 8 o'clock on January 22.

When he arrived at the ticket hall, Zhang Zhiguo had prepared for a long queue, but found that it was not necessary at all. Many people bought tickets through self-service ticket machines.

  "Master, do you want to buy a ticket? What can I do for you?" A railway volunteer in the ticket hall saw Zhang Zhiguo staying at the ticket hall for a long time and had not entered, so he asked.

"Yes, yes, I want to buy a ticket, but I only have cash. I don't know what to do?" Zhang Zhiguo asked hurriedly as if he saw the savior.

  "Cash can be used to buy tickets. We have set up a love window for passengers who use cash, and give priority to the elderly to buy tickets." Volunteers took Zhang Zhiguo to the love window and helped him buy a D7551 ticket to Foshan West.

  At Fengxian East Station, when I heard Zhao Wenjun’s Hakka dialect, a staff member wearing the "three brothers" service team ribbon said: "Uncle, don't worry, my name is Chen Shiran and I am also a Hakka. You can rest assured with me here." Chen Shiran is from Fengshun.

When Fengshun East Station first opened, he took the initiative to invite Ying to form the "Three Brothers" service team with fellow Fengshun colleagues Tan Miao and Lin Zongji, serving as "interpreters" for local tourists to facilitate their travel.

  To Liu Liang's surprise, when he purchased train tickets for train K9205 on the 12306 website, the system recognized his mother's age and gave her priority to arrange the lower berth.

"As a companion, I am also assigned to adjacent berths. This solves my big problem and makes it easier to take care of my mother." Liu Liang said.

The problem to be solved is not just the berths. The mother and the child have 5 parcels, and the mother is inconvenient to move. How can so many luggage be brought into the car smoothly?

At this time, he remembered the key passenger reservation services he saw when buying tickets online. He tried to fill in the passenger information and service requirements and submit them to the system, but he didn't expect the reservation to be successful immediately.

"It is very convenient to take a car, and ginger tea is very warm to the stomach"

  "Hello, are you Mr. Liu Liang? Did you make an appointment today?" At 21 o'clock that day, Liu Anhua, a member of the "Xiao Liushu" service team of Changde Railway Station, waited at the entrance early.

Liu Anhua saw Liu Liang pushing his wheelchair and "hanging" his luggage from a distance, and hurried up to take the wheelchair handle.

This is the eighth year Liu Anhua participated in the Spring Festival Transport Volunteer Service at Changde Railway Station. As in previous years, after receiving key passenger tasks, he contacted Liu Liang two hours in advance and made preparations in advance.

  "My mother's legs and feet are not very convenient. It is really hard for you to be so cold and naive." Liu Liang looked at Liu Anhua excitedly.

"This is what we should do. Let's go first." After Liu Anhua confirmed their IDs, he took them for temperature screening in accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements, and then handed them a cup of ginger tea that had been prepared.

  "Mr. Liu, before taking the train, elderly passengers with limited mobility can make an appointment through the railway 12306 website and the client in addition to making an appointment by phone. I have already contacted my colleague at Guangzhou Station, and someone will be there to pick you up. You guys," Liu Anhua said.

  In the early morning of the next day, the train arrived at Guangzhou Station. Volunteers had been waiting at the door of the carriage.

After leaving the station, Liu Liang asked his mother how the journey felt like this time.

Cheng Guifang smiled and said, "It's very convenient to take a car, and ginger tea is very warm to the stomach!"

  At Fengshun East Station, after Chen Shiran understood Zhao Wenjun’s difficulties, he began to instruct him step by step how to download the APP, register a personal account, bind the information of the booking person, query train numbers, and purchase tickets.

He assisted the old man on the D7305 high-speed train, and left his own phone for the old man.

"Next time you take the high-speed rail, you can come to me if you need it."

  "My son has been worried that Xi (I) is a countryman, and he didn't know (know) to take the high-speed rail. From now on, he can no longer underestimate me, and Xi (I) also caught up with the high-speed rail era!" Zhao Wenjun said jokingly.

  Zhang Zhiguo was taken by the volunteers, walked into the love channel, and was sent to the D7551 train by the volunteers, which saved him a lot of heart.

After 20 minutes, Zhang Zhiguo arrived at Foshan West Railway Station.

"I took the high-speed train to Foshan by myself. When do you get off work, I will cook my grandson's favorite braised pork!" Lao Zhang spoke with his son proudly.

  Liu Jing