The interview given by ski star Iivo Niskanen in Falun on Friday became a viral hit.

In the interview, Niskanen answered the questions of Moa Jörnmark, SVT of the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, in Finnish - and completely next to the matter.

At Yle's request, Jörnmark, who was interviewed about Niska, asked the skier about the events of the race and he answered by talking about the love life of his national teammate Lauri Lepistö.

On Saturday, Jörnmark interviewed Niska again, but this time the Finn answered the questions in English.

Jörnmark started the interview by asking when Niskanen decided to talk about Lepistö in the interview.

- Immediately after the goal.

My plan was to talk about something other than skiing, Niskanen replied.

What did Lauri say afterwards?

- She is very satisfied now, but I forgot to say yesterday that she is really interested in Swedish girls.

According to Niskanen, Lepistö has not yet found a girlfriend.

- He's thinking too much.

I hope someone is good enough for him.

He aims high.

Jörnmark asked Niskanen how the interview was handled.

According to the skier, the reaction has been mostly positive.

Jörnmark said the same for himself.

- Now, though, people say I have to take revenge on you somehow.

Do you have a good idea?

Jörnmark asked.

Niskanen suggested that Jörnmark think about it until the World Championships in Oberstdorf and pay the fish debts there.

The World Cup will start in just over a month.

Jörnmark also encountered Lepistö in Falun and asked him how Niskanen's joke felt.

- It was a good joke.

I didn't take it badly.

We have a great team spirit, so things like that happen, Lepistö replied.

Lepistö said he laughed a lot after seeing the interview for the first time.

- Now days have passed and I have received a lot of messages and suppliers are soitellen me.

It doesn’t feel as much fun anymore, but a little fun nonetheless, Lepistö said.

Jörnmark also asked if Lepistö had already found a girlfriend.

- Not really.

You probably know that that job will take longer than one day.

However, Lepistö did not hope that Niskanen would continue on the topic in new interviews.