Jyrki Kasvi, 57, a former MP from the Greens, writes in his blog about New Finland that he has been escorted.

The plant has been suffering from bladder cancer since 2003.

The plant says it has previously been able to continue life with home hemodialysis treatment, but since then metastases have appeared in the liver “that have not been effective against even the most effective platinum-based cytostatics in use”.

- A good week ago the treatments were stopped, and I received a referral for escort treatment, he writes.

- So far, well-being and liver values ​​are good, but as healthy liver tissue is replaced by cancerous tissue, the situation worsens.

The plant says he has been predicted to live until early summer.

According to him, a medicine authorized in the United States could help him, but no marketing authorization has been granted in the EU.

- Some of us die in vain, he finishes his text.

The plant told about its illness in an interview with Ilta-Sanomat in 2019.

He left Parliament on sick leave in 2018.

The plant gave IS an interview in the summer of 2019, where he said that he was using a home dialysis machine. Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

An experienced politician had had his other kidney and bladder removed earlier.

When the second kidney was removed in 2018, there were various complications following the operation.

A home dialysis machine made it easier to treat the disease.

The plant also said at the time that getting sick is not always easy for an MP.

- The Member of Parliament has a high threshold to admit that he is ill because it is easily interpreted as a weakness.

I've heard from doctors that the stress often correlates with the onset of cancer, and child work, if anything, is stressful, Vegetable stressed.

Bladder cancer is the fourth most common form of cancer in men.

In Finland, about 1,300 new bladder cancers are diagnosed every year, and 80 percent of them occur in men.