It is noted that currently in Singapore "restrictions on entry and transit through the country continue to apply."

"In particular, the entry of foreign citizens who do not have a Permanent Resident or long-term residence permit in Singapore (work and student visas, residence permit for a family member, etc.) is prohibited," the message says.

The diplomatic mission said that “the exception applies to persons traveling at the invitation of local government authorities, as well as persons permanently residing in Brunei, China, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia and the Federal Republic of Germany, following for business or official purposes on the so-called.

A green corridor based on reciprocity. "

"If you have a long-term residence permit, entry into Singapore is possible only subject to prior approval, which is drawn up at the request of the employer, educational organizations and relatives (citizens of Singapore or holders of a residence permit)," the embassy said.

Earlier it became known that Russia will resume flights with Greece and Singapore on February 8.