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The Criminal Chamber of the National Court has acquitted the former head of ETA

María Soledad Iparraguirre

, alias


, of the attack against the Oviedo police station, committed by the terrorist gang on July 21, 1997, on the understanding that there is no evidence of his participation and because it concurs res judicata with the facts investigated and prosecuted in France for which he has already served his sentence.

In a sentence, the magistrates of the Second Section, with a particular vote in favor of the conviction, agree to absolve Iparraguirre of a crime of terrorist ravages, three of attempted murder and another of terrorist injuries, for which the Prosecutor's Office requested a 71-year prison sentence.

For the Chamber, once the evidence has been analyzed, "there is no record that the accused María Soledad Iparraguirre Guenetxea had a material and direct participation in the aforementioned events beyond her belonging to the terrorist organization ETA."

The court considers that the police intelligence report does not "provide elements specifically related to what should be a specific reason for proof in this proceeding, which is a direct and concrete participation, through the induction of the fact or necessary cooperation in the same on the part of the accused ".

"And this regardless of the debate in which it is introduced whether it was her or not or there were other people who used the nickname of


in ETA, and the role that the accused played as a leader of the organization."

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