Known as a presenter, model and entrepreneur, Piritta Hagman diligently shares her family's daily life on social media.

Hagman, who runs the daily life of a family with three children, has almost 20,000 followers on Instagram.

On Friday, Hagman shared an honest update with her own personal Instagram account, in which she opens up from the pressures of motherhood.

In connection with his long writing, Hagman had attached a picture of himself.

In the picture, Hagman poses for the camera with tears in his eyes.

- Mothers' tears.

No one will ever see them.

They cry when the children have gone to bed or have not yet woken up.

They are shed at the wheel of a car when no one can see.

On a business trip, a business trip.

In the toilet secretly when someone is already knocking on the door and asking for something.

In those few moments when we are alone, Hagman began his writing.

Hagman wrote in her update that it is often difficult for many mothers to admit that they are tired or that motherhood is sometimes heavy.

Hagman pointed out that no parent wants to give their child cause for concern.

- Mothers' fatigue, exhaustion and tears go 99% unnoticed by everyone close to them.

We don’t want children to be taken care of.

We don’t want to admit we can’t stand it.

We are no weaker than others who perform the same smile behind us as we do when the tears are wiped away again.

Sometimes we don’t even want to believe that everything we dream about for a long time is so heavy.

Or the failure of that dream, Hagman opened up in his writing.

- But the truth is that even ordinary life and worries are heavy.

And it’s hard to try to be as good as possible all the time.

My hugs to all of you and other mothers who are tired at times.

We do our best and sometimes too much.

Crying helps, and thank God the point comes again with new feelings, when you just let that feeling come now, he encouraged.

Piritta Hagman diligently shares her family's daily life on social media. Photo: Aleksi Jalava

The update released by Hagman has quickly garnered numerous likes and comments.

Many expressed to Hagman that they were sometimes in exactly the same situation.

Many Finns familiar from publicity, such as Nanna Karalahti, Jannika B and Heidi Sohlberg, also commented on the photo.

- So true to those words.

A hug back, commented one of Hagman's followers.

- So true that I even cried while reading!

The power of peer support, another stumbled.

- The hardest thing in life is knowing how to raise children!

And the difficulty factor is further increased by the difference in the world compared to your own childhood.

However, it is enough to know that he is doing his best.

And that, too, is just fine, that I can't always stand.

Hugs there, comments welfare entrepreneur Jutta Larm.

Piritta Hagman went public in 2003 when she was crowned Miss Finland's first legacy princess.

Hagman married his ex-spouse, hockey player Niklas Hagman in 2006, but the couple announced their divorce in May 2018.

Piritta and Niklas Hagman live alternately with their children.

13-year-old Lukas, 11-year-old Lila and 8-year-old Eliana live in the family's former home in Helsinki, the parents have their own homes elsewhere.

Hagmans have said in public that they are still in close proximity despite their resignation.