From the beginning of the year, several novelty ice creams are available in the supermarket freezers.

We put together and introduced several new products.

Fazer has made ice cream versions of its Remix candy bag in the form of a tube and a jar.

Among the novelties are also berries Classic sticks and Aino ice cream with a biscuit.

The three Guys brought back their earlobe ice cream.

Jymy is launching a completely new series, which includes three different flavor combinations.

In addition, the popularity of dairy-free ice cream options is evident as the range expands with new flavors and packaging.

The novelty of the penguin is oat vanilla ice cream in a traditional liter home package.

The selection of vegan Røar ice creams grows with a gluten-free version that tastes like caramel and nuts.

Carbon negative series of three flavors

The product family of Jymy ice creams manufactured by Suominen Maito Oy will grow in February with the Taivas series.

The flavors of the new products are mint chocolate, raspberry salmia and apple cumin crumble.

A press release published on Friday states that Taivas ice creams are the first carbon-negative ice creams in Finland.

According to the company, it is a way to meet the UN's sustainable development goals.

The carbon negativity is explained in the release so that the carbon load is minimized and overcompensated so that the carbon sinks planted at the price of ice cream in Ethiopia sequester carbon more than the production and packaging of ice cream has produced.

Photo: Jymy

Oranges under threat of ice cream

In a press release published in January, the K-Group announces a new waste ice cream manufactured by Suomen Jäätelö.

It is an ice cream made using oranges left over from the squeezing of orange juice in grocery stores, which would otherwise be lost directly.

The product called Abbelsin Residue, which will soon be available from K-food stores, is lactose-free and gluten-free.

The same series has also included ice cream made from bananas at risk of loss.

Sticks and tassels in favorite flavors

In addition to strawberry ice cream, the Classic Strawberry Crush (95 ml) stick has a sticky old-fashioned vanilla heart.

Photo: Froneri

Like a strawberry, the Classic Blueberry Pop 95ml stick tastes old-fashioned vanilla, but the berry flavor comes from blueberries.

Photo: Froneri

The Fazer Remix nozzle gets its taste from the candy bag of the same name.

It belongs to the category of larger nipples.

Photo: Froneri

Fazer Remix Choco (175 ml) is a chocolate version of his friend.

Photo: Froneri

The Fazer Premium Hazelnut Stick (93 ml) continues the Fazer Prerium series.

The stick has a hazelnut chocolate ice cream with hazelnut paste and a milk chocolate icing with pieces of hazelnut.

Photo: Froneri

Penguin Party Salt Salty Kinuski Vanilla Cream (175 ml) brings a new combination of flavors, salty Kinusk and vanilla cream alongside the lacquer.

Photo: Froneri

Classics in new versions

The Penguin’s Charming Strawberry Lactose-Free Goblet now has a strawberry flavor.

Photo: Froneri

Puffet Lemon (110 ml) is a new taste for the beginning of the year.

The product is lactose free.

Photo: Froneri

Pirulo Frutti juice tasting fruit in an icicle.

Photo: Froneri

Candy and cotton candy in divisible packages

Three Guys will bring back their coveted earbud ice cream in March, 3 Guys Earbusters.

Photo: 3 Friends

In addition to the tubes, Fazer has made Remix a home-made package in the form of a jar, the Fazer Remix tub (480 ml).

Photo: Froneri

Aino Keksimuru lactose-free ice cream is a cookie & cream style product.

The Aino version features lactose-free vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate chip cookies.

This spring, Aino will support the activities of the Natural Heritage Foundation and thereby the protection of the Finnish evergreen forest.

Photo: Froneri

Pirulo Strawberry 4x73ml juice ice cream looks and tastes like strawberries.

Photo: Froneri

A renewed recipe in the Eskimos

Penguin Stick Mixer The 15x32g stick package tastes like the flavors of cotton candy, white chocolate and pear.

In addition to their name, the sticks known as Eskimo ice creams have redesigned their recipes to be even creamier.

The cocoa used in the ice cream is now responsibly sourced, and the materials in the product packaging come from responsibly managed forests, Froner says.

In November, we announced the renaming of Eskimo ice cream sticks.

Since the spring of 2021, Eskimo ice cream sticks have been known as the Penguin Stick. Also read: The iconic Eskimo ice cream stick got a new name - this is what the packaging looks like

Photo: Froneri

Suitable for everyone vegan and gluten free

Milk-free Penguin Oatmeal oat ice cream is now sold in a liter pack.

Photo: Froneri

Røar's Salted Caramel & Macadamia (500 ml) extract flavor has a vanilla-flavored almond-based ice cream mixed with salty caramel sauce and caramelized pieces of macademia nuts.

The ice cream is gluten free.

In January, we also listed the sweets new at the beginning of the year:

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