China News Service, January 29. Zhao Suqi, Director of the Investigation and Statistics Department of the National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, said on the 29th that in 2020, there were 123 coal mine accidents nationwide and 228 people died, a year-on-year decrease of 27.6% and 27.8% respectively.

The safety situation in coal mines is still grim, with major accidents happening from time to time, especially since last September, three major coal mine accidents have occurred consecutively in more than two months.

Data map: A carbon monoxide over-limit accident occurred when a coal mine was shut down in Chongqing.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Chao

  The State Council Information Office held a press conference on the 29th to introduce the "look back" on the implementation of the rectification measures for major accidents in the past five years. At the meeting, a reporter asked, this "look back" on the two coal mines that have occurred in recent years, especially major accidents. How is the assessment?

Can you tell us about the implementation of the rectification measures?

What is the current situation of coal mine safety in the country?

What are the weak links in coal mine safety?

  Zhao Suqi first introduced that both accidents occurred in 2016. One was an accident at the Jinshangou Coal Mine in Yongchuan, Chongqing on October 31, 2016, and 33 people died; the other was an accident at the BMW Coal Mine in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, and 32 people died.

Both accidents were particularly serious gas explosion accidents caused by illegal mining of superlayers.

After the accident, the relevant regions and departments took a series of measures based on the lessons learned from the accident and the safety characteristics of the coal mine. The two accident mines have been completely closed.

  Zhao Suqi pointed out that at the national level, relevant departments have strengthened the special rectification of coal mines over-bed and cross-border mining. 19 coal-producing provinces (cities, districts) have passed full coverage inspections, and 230 coal mines have been found to have cross-border mining violations, confiscated The fine was 900 million yuan.

The former National Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau carried out a "physical examination" for all coal mines and revised the "Coal Mine Safety Regulations" to further promote coal mine closure and withdrawal.

Since 2016, more than 4,800 coal mines have been eliminated, closed and exited across the country, and nearly 800 million production capacity has been withdrawn each year, and 48 coal-producing cities have completely withdrawn from the coal mining industry.

  At the local level, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has issued the "Coal Industry Transformation and Development Action Plan" to resolve 41.9 million tons of excess coal production capacity.

Chongqing has closed and exited coal mines that do not have the conditions for safe production. Since 2016, more than 90% of coal mines have been closed and exited. There are currently 22 coal mines.

  According to Zhao Suqi, there were 123 accidents and 228 deaths in coal mines across the country in 2020, a year-on-year decrease of 27.6% and 27.8% respectively.

Although coal mine safety production has achieved remarkable results, we are also clearly aware that the coal mine safety situation is still grim. Major accidents have occurred from time to time, especially since last September, three major accidents have occurred in a row in more than two months. Coal mine accident.

These accidents reflected the inadequate implementation of the main responsibilities of coal mining enterprises, repeated prohibitions on violations of laws and regulations, repeated penalties without correction, and the need to improve the effectiveness of supervision and supervision.

  Zhao Suqi said that the current weaknesses in coal mine safety work mainly include: lack of awareness of safety red lines, weak basic safety work, especially inadequate site management, inadequate management of major disasters, weak awareness of safety risks, and subcontracting in violation of laws and regulations. Coal prices are operating at high levels, coal mines have strong desire for super-capacity and super-intensity mining, and grassroots safety supervision has weakened.

  "The main measures for the next step are to comprehensively carry out coal mine safety inspections, deepen the'three-year action' for special rectification of coal mine safety production; vigorously implement intelligent coal mining, eliminate and withdraw all types of coal mines that do not have safety conditions, and carry out the'Three Awe, Anti "Three Violations" and warning education activities, strengthen the implementation of safety responsibilities, severely crack down on violations of laws and regulations, and promote coal mine safety production through accident lessons." Zhao Suqi said.