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The best wireless surveillance cameras do display high resolution.

Their 360 ° rotation makes it possible to monitor a large area.

And other features can also come into play. So, how do you choose a wireless surveillance camera?

This selection will tell you more.

Everything you need to know before buying a wireless surveillance camera

How does a wireless surveillance camera work?

Most often, these cameras are not wireless: they must be plugged into a power outlet.

We speak of wireless cameras because they are accessible via Wi-Fi or the 4G network.

Once connected and paired, the device is accessible wirelessly to a mobile terminal (smartphone or tablet in general).

Where to install your wireless surveillance camera?

There are several constraints to consider when choosing the location of a surveillance camera.

It is preferable to place the device near the entrances to the house (front door, veranda, windows, etc.).

You can also choose to place it in high-traffic rooms, such as the living room or hallways.

Most of today's cameras also need an Internet access point to work.

It will therefore be necessary to install the device not far from the Internet box.

When to prefer an outdoor surveillance camera?

And interior?

One advantage of outdoor cameras is that they allow a burglar to be detected even before he has entered the home.

In return, these models must be waterproof.

In addition, they are less discreet than interior cameras, which can blend into furniture.

What is the alternative with surveillance cameras?

A cheaper solution is that of the dummy camera.

An exact copy of an outdoor camera, it seeks to deter burglars by giving the illusion of surveillance.

Less expensive than a real camera, it provides security at a low price.

The selection of the best wireless surveillance cameras of the moment

Xiaomi Mi Home Security: the wireless indoor surveillance camera at a low price

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Wireless Surveillance Camera - DR

Indoor cameras are also affordable.

The Xiaomi brand proves it with the Mi Home Security, an indoor camera providing an image in high resolution (1080p).

The device can be placed on a piece of furniture or fixed to the ceiling.

It can then rotate 360 ​​°.

Videos thus recorded can be stored.

Discreet and silent, the Xiaomi Mi Home Security is compatible with Android 4.0 and iOS 7.0.

Pros and cons of the Xiaomi Mi Home Security wireless surveillance camera:

Most :

  • Little price ;

  • High resolution videos;

  • Night vision and motion detection;

  • Possible notification of movements on a Smartphone;

  • Storage of videos on SD card or NAS.

The lessers :

  • Pairing sometimes complex.

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Foscam D4Z: the wireless surveillance camera for the outdoors

Doscam D4Z wireless surveillance camera - DR

The Foscam D4Z will take place outside the house.

This camera has 4 × optical zoom, 360 ° rotation, night vision and intelligent motion detection.

Once connected via Wi-Fi, the D4Z is able to notify a mobile device of any unusual movement.

Finally, this model is IP66 certified: it will easily withstand the vagaries of the weather.

The pros and cons of the Doscam D4Z wireless surveillance camera:

Most :

  • IP66 certified camera;

  • 4 × optical zoom;

  • Night vision up to 20 meters and motion detection;

  • Compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The lessers :

  • Rather expensive.

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Kean 4K: the ultra-discreet wireless surveillance camera

Kean 4K Wireless Security Camera - DR

The Kean brand offers a 4K camera that stands out for its small size.

It is so small that it can be used as a spy camera outdoors.

But it can also serve as an indoor surveillance camera: its discretion allows it to avoid being spotted and destroyed by burglars.

The Kean 4K is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

Once its 1500 mAh battery is in place, it is capable of providing up to 6 hours of recording.

The pros and cons of the Kean 4K wireless surveillance camera:

Most :

  • 4K resolution;

  • 6 hours of autonomy;

  • Useful as an indoor camera or as a spy camera;

  • Android and iOS compatible application.

The lessers :

  • Some faults encountered on the application.

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128G Bulb Camera: The Most Discreet Surveillance Camera

128G Bulb Camera - DR

The 128G camera this time copies a light bulb, becoming virtually impossible to spot.

Pointed towards the ground, the camera has a wide field of view and provides vision over a large area.

It also benefits from video recording, night vision and a microphone.

And since it is a light bulb, this inexpensive surveillance camera can illuminate the area it is monitoring.

The pluses and minuses of the 128G bulb camera:

Most :

  • Virtually undetectable;

  • Low price, perfect to equip the whole house;

  • Wide field of vision;

  • Motion detection and night vision;

  • Possibility of storage on SD card.

The lessers :

  • No rotation of the device.

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Markboard VB603: the wireless surveillance camera in baby monitor format

Markboard VB603 Wireless Surveillance Camera - DR

Let's finish this selection with a particular segment of surveillance cameras: baby monitors.

In this sector, a good value for money is the VB603 from Markboard.

The device has a 3.2 inch LCD screen.

It can thus be connected to the camera up to a distance of 260 meters.

As a device intended for children, the VB603 features room temperature monitoring and can play soft music to the baby.

Pros and cons of the Markboard VB603 wireless surveillance camera:

Most :

  • Wireless up to 260 meters;

  • With night vision;

  • Music streaming and temperature monitoring;

  • Allows you to hear or talk to the baby.

The lessers :

  • Battery a little weak.

Get the Markboard template

Wireless surveillance cameras can take many forms.

Features like night vision or 360 ° rotation are almost always included.

We will therefore turn to other characteristics, such as their resistance to bad weather or their discretion.

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