It was going to be the great premiere of the British Kim Jones at the head of the Roman house Fendi.

Ethereal dresses, trouser suits, a jacket from whose shoulders are born long layers, layers of tulle ... And an impressive cast of models, among them Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell.

And also a surprise: her friend Demi Moore left her Hollywood career for a few hours to walk the catwalk.

The marketing strategy couldn't have been worse.

Little has been said about haute couture suits and a lot about the new?

Demi Moore's face.

The protagonist of


appears unrecognizable.

Completely smooth forehead, expressionless eyes ... But the most striking thing is the lower part of his face, especially the cheekbones and mouth.

At 58 years old, the actress is proud of her new look: she has posted several images of the parade on her social networks and has told numerous anecdotes of the day.

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Comments on the

Lt. O'Neill

protagonist's taste

for surgery are nothing new.

Even so, she

has actively and passively denied

having invested thousands of dollars in procedures to look younger over the years


"It's completely untrue. I've never done it,

" Moore said in an interview several years ago, when the debate on Twitter became intense with several of her followers accusing her of lying.

And that Moore

says that he would not judge those who have opted for cosmetic retouching

, if it is something they need and consider that it will help them feel better.

But she pointed out that she does not like "the idea of ​​undergoing an operation to control the aging process. It is a way to combat your own neurosis."

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