China News Service, January 28. According to the "Europe Times" Spanish WeChat public account "Xiwen", the Chinese New Year is approaching. How are the Chinese in Spain's Aragonese Autonomous Region?

The Spanish media focused on the Chinese in the Autonomous Region of Aragon and paid attention to their lives in the past year.

  According to the Spanish heraldo website, at the beginning of the outbreak, local Chinese were the first group to choose to close their doors.

After Spain’s national alert was lifted, the local Chinese were also the last group of businessmen to open their doors.

  The Chinese in the Aragonese Autonomous Region are very cautious about the epidemic, but they are still criticized by some racists.

In fact, the Chinese living in Spain have been worried after the outbreak, and their lives and work are very difficult.

Restaurant owner: business collapsed completely

  There are nearly 800 Chinese-run bars in Zaragoza, but life is not easy.

The epidemic is so repeated, it is really difficult to discuss with employees whether or not to let them come to work.

  Luis Kiu, the owner of a restaurant, said his business has completely collapsed because of the epidemic.

His only hope is that the epidemic can be quickly controlled, normal life can be restored, and the restaurant can continue to operate.

Worry about family health

  The young Yaxi Ye works in a real estate company and is the only real estate agent in Zaragoza dedicated to Asian clients.

Her family is in Qingtian.

She said she was very worried about the health of her family.

If anything happens to them, the current situation is that they can't get to them.

  Xinte Wang runs a driving school and academy. He said that because of the epidemic, he did not dare to recruit students and his business was not very good. The academy has also been suspended for one year and is currently mainly engaged in online teaching.

He said that 2020 is really too difficult!

(Yi Yi)