Musk condemned Amazon for obstructing the "Starlink" project!

Two US technology giants quarrel over satellite Internet competition!

  [Global Times reporter Zhang Xiang] According to US media reports on the 27th, SpaceX and Amazon quarreled over competition for satellite Internet.

Data map: Musk, founder of the American Space Exploration Technology Company.

  On Tuesday, US local time, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk accused Jeff Bezos and his Amazon, condemning them for trying to hinder the deployment of the "Starlink" satellite Internet constellation.

Musk said on social media that Amazon's obstruction of the "Starlink" plan is not good for the public because it will still take years for Amazon's satellite system to be put into use under the best circumstances.

SpaceX is currently working hard to convince the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to deploy some "Starlink" satellites to lower orbits than originally planned.

According to reports, companies such as Amazon have always disagreed with this, believing that this orbital height modification would interfere with other satellite networks.

The picture shows Amazon CEO Bezos.

(Data map)

  SpaceX's "Starlink" plan to build a satellite-based Internet constellation composed of tens of thousands of satellites is designed to provide high-speed network services to any area on the earth.

Currently, SpaceX has launched thousands of "Starlink" satellites into space.

Amazon also plans to build its own satellite Internet project Project Kuiper, and plans to launch 3236 satellites.

However, Amazon has not yet begun production or launch of satellites.