On all charges, several cases of vandalism and aggravated arson, the Court of Appeal otherwise agrees with the district court.

Penalty reduction

The minimum sentence for aggravated arson is six years in prison, but given the 19-year-old's young age, the sentence was already reduced in the district court.

But the Court of Appeal comes to a different conclusion than the district court when it comes to how much time to deduct, and chooses to reduce the prison sentence to four and a half years in prison to only four years.

The 21-year-old man, who was with the 19-year-old during the fire night and who was previously also convicted of two cases of vandalism, among other things for setting fire to a trash can outside a grocery store in Färjestaden, is completely acquitted of those charges.

Damages lawsuit awaits

In parallel with the trial regarding the crimes of arson and vandalism, a civil case is pending in Kalmar District Court on how much damages the 19-year-old may have to pay after the fire.

In the case, there are nine complainants, including property owners, residents in the area around the fire and insurance companies that claim damages for millions.

It is still unclear when negotiations on the issue of damages will take place.

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At least 15 cars and two garage extensions were destroyed in the suspected arson.

Photo: Helmuth Petersson