Outgoing Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) said last week that all vaccines that the Netherlands has received are already or are scheduled to be injected in an upper arm.

But who have already received a vaccine?

The Netherlands has currently received a total of around 750,000 corona vaccines.

This allows about 375,000 people to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

You need two vaccines to be well protected.

So many vaccines are now in one arm

On January 28, there were 203,450 vaccines in an upper arm.

Who Received These Vaccines?


First, it was the turn of the people who work in the emergency room, the ambulance and the COVID-19 wards in the hospitals.

This group has now had its first vaccination.

This concerns approximately 40,000 people.

Hospitals are currently also vaccinating GPs.

About six thousand GPs are now being vaccinated.


In addition, 106,000 nursing home employees had received their first vaccine at a vaccination location of the GGD at the beginning of this week.

The GGD has also started to vaccinate people over 90 who are able to come to a vaccination site.

We do not yet know how many people from this group have been vaccinated.


Nursing homes and institutions for the disabled have been vaccinating since last week.

According to the latest figures, they have vaccinated almost 17,000 people.

How many vaccines have been administered so far?

This is scheduled there

It is unclear exactly how many vaccines an appointment has been scheduled for.

We know that of the 750,000 vaccines that the Netherlands has received, at least 510,000 have been used or planned.

It is known that 408,000 vaccine appointments have been made for 204,000 nursing home workers.

A large part of this group has now had its first injection.

The second dose has also been given since this week.

We also know that 80,000 vaccines are reserved for acute hospital care.

So half of these vaccines have already been taken.

This week the hospital also started giving the second dose.

Approximately six thousand GPs in the hospital also had a first dose or have an appointment.

In addition, some of the nursing home residents, residents of institutions for disabled care and people living at home over 90 have had their first injection or have an appointment for this.

This is coming

Currently, there are not enough vaccines in stock to give two doses to everyone who is now eligible for vaccination.

For all these groups together you need more than 900,000 vaccines.

We would therefore have a problem if no more corona vaccines come into the Netherlands from tomorrow.

But this is not the case.

Next week alone, some 160,000 new Pfizer vaccines are expected to arrive.

How many vaccines will Pfizer and Moderna deliver in February?