"An even bigger win."

The idea revolved around Iidan, 35, for years with almost no pause.

He started playing at online casinos in 2014. At first, the stakes were small and everything seemed to go smoothly.

Iida sometimes took a couple of long, year-long breaks from playing.

In 2018, gambling began to hook him even worse.

- The amounts played increased all the time.

There were occasional wins every month, but in the end I didn’t even raise them, I played all over again in hopes of a bigger win, Iida says.

He just wants to appear in the story with his first name.

- Afterwards, it was always regretted that the profits of several thousand euros went there again.

I would have needed that money, but longing for a moment of excitement took the win.

I later realized it was a gambling addiction.


 When my pantry was always empty, even my loved ones noticed my gambling problems.

Iida lives in Hämeenlinna and has retired for ten years due to her mental health problems.

First, his monthly pension dwindled to online gaming.

After that, consumer credit and quick levers came into the picture, with which Iida financed her gambling.

He also borrowed money from his loved ones.

- Quick loans and consumer loans I have taken the time value of the 200 than 20 000 euro.

The nearby I borrowed a maximum of one hundred euros in one go, usually in much smaller amounts.

Loved ones noticed Iida’s gambling problem from the fact that she applied for a loan more and more often.

Food cabinets also often gaped in their emptiness.

It made Iida wake up and set in motion the change.

- We made a joint agreement that they would no longer lend me money.

If there was any big emergency, they borrowed the amount at most in cash so I couldn’t transfer it to online casinos.

According to Iida, online games appropriately filled some vacuum in her life.

For the first time, he ended up playing completely by accident.

The adrenaline rushes caused by the wins made him constantly seek more excitement from the games - a feeling that otherwise seemed unattainable.

- I always thought that now that I won 600 euros, the next would be a thousand euros.

I played winnings immediately or the next day at the latest.

Until I noticed my Game Account was empty, and then came a ruthless hatred of myself.

- Until the last minute, I always hoped for the big profit that would make life easier and more financial.

Sometimes a moment of despair had thoughts of suicide, but fortunately I'm still here.

"There is still € 45,000 to pay"

Iida has never calculated the total amount lost in games.

- We can talk about several tens of thousands.

I consider that I have been unsuccessful online games at EUR 40 000.

Gambling eventually drove Iida into a bad debt spiral and bailout.

Stack of bills and interest rates on loans grew rapidly and accumulated a large amount of debt.

- My debts are foreclosure for several more years, and that's fine.

I shortened them up on last year, and now payable is a further EUR 45 000.

- Tympäiseehän it will cost, but I'm hast there them hommannut liabilities and themselves they keep or leap pay.

“Investing would be interesting, but…”

Earlier this year, Iida began therapy where she addresses her gambling problem.

He feels that therapy has already been helpful.

- Mental health problems have been more manageable when I was now without playing.

I would think these things go hand in hand strongly.

Gambling addiction may need treatment and peer support in the same way as mental health problems, for example.

- It is a disease that should be treated like other addictions and think more deeply about where it comes from.

Today, fortunately, you can get treatment if you just dare to seek it.

Iida is now learning to control both gaming and spending money.

He has installed an app on his phone and computer that prevents all gaming sites from opening.

Iida's monthly income is about 1,300 euros, from which the foreclosure takes its own slice.


 There is money now beyond the date of payment of the pension.

I no longer have to eat claws all month.

- The most effective way has been that when the money comes into the account, I withdraw it into cash.

Placement would also be of interest, but it may not be possible for a while yet due to the foreclosure.

My goal is to get the bailouts paid off as quickly as possible and get to work or start studying.

The excitement brought by the games before brought Iida pleasure.

Now he is trying to feel good about other things.

Among other things, he goes jogging the dog and does jewelery and leather work.

- It is now pleasing to know that there is money other than on the day of payment of the pension.

I know I no longer have to eat claws all month and I can even go out to eat or do other meaningful things.

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