January 25, 2021

Xi Jinping in Beijing by video

Attend the World Economic Forum

"Davos Agenda" Dialogue

And give a special speech

four years ago

As attending the Davos World Economic Forum

The first Chinese head of state

Xi Jinping once delivered a famous speech

Four years later today

It's both familiar and different

The new crown epidemic rages the world

Global public health faces serious threats

The world economy is in deep recession

Humanity has experienced multiple crises rare in history

Tempered by fire

China is reborn from the ashes

In terms of epidemic prevention and control and economic restart

Answer sheet

Let the world look at you

2021, the beginning of the Year of the Ox

Where to go in the post-epidemic era

Human beings are again at the crossroads of choices

Longing for the "bull" to change the world

Urgently looking forward to hearing Chinese answers

  "The problems in the world are complex and the way out is to maintain and practice multilateralism and promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind."

——On January 25, 2021, Xi Jinping attended the "Davos Agenda" dialogue meeting of the World Economic Forum via video

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