Erfurt (dpa / th) - The Thuringian CDU parliamentary group has spoken out in favor of increasing the number of paid training places for educators.

"Thuringia has a huge problem with young teachers," said the education policy spokesman for the CDU parliamentary group, Christian Tischner on Thursday.

He called for the proportion of practice-integrated training to be increased in particular.

PiA is a model project in which prospective educators work for a provider during their training and also receive remuneration for the entire duration of their training.

So far, the way to the educator profession has traditionally led through school training, for which the prospective educators receive no remuneration and in some cases even have to pay school fees.

“The school educator training in Thuringia must be shortened and permanently expanded to include the possibility of dual vocational training,” suggested Tischner.

The training, which usually lasts five years without remuneration, is too unattractive for young people.


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