Bremen / Frankfurt (dpa) - At the ailing Lufthansa pilot school in Bremen, numerous flight students complain to continue their training.

A court spokeswoman said on Wednesday that around 100 complaints had been received at the Frankfurt (Main) labor court.

It will still be a few weeks before a quality deadline in this matter.

The lawsuits have not yet been received at the Lufthansa Aviation Training School (Lufthansa Aviation Training / LAT), said a spokesman.

Lufthansa does not comment on ongoing proceedings.

According to the pilots' union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC), Lufthansa intends to hand over most of the young pilots to other flight schools.

The group assumes that it will need significantly fewer pilots for its individual airlines because of the Corona crisis and its aftermath.


"We recommend dropping out of training due to the lack of prospects," said the LAT spokesman.

That is why the offspring were offered termination agreements.

Those who want to receive further training can do so at other flight schools.

According to the information, LAT only wants to continue training the young pilots who have already completed the training phase in Phoenix in the USA.

However, the flight students did not want to switch to other instructors, reported the union.

You would then lose the direct adjustability at Lufthansa.

This is considered to be one reason to start the expensive training at Lufthansa.

"It is extremely strange how Lufthansa unnecessarily questions the future prospects of hundreds of young people," said Markus Wahl, President of the Cockpit Association.

The union condemned the actions of the group management against the flight school, the flight instructor colleagues and the flight students.


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