Why not buy a lottery ticket?

Taiwan’s “epidemic prevention policy” is selling hot, but Chen Shizhong says it’s not worthwhile

  China Taiwan Network, January 27, according to reports from Taiwan’s "Economic Daily" and "United News Network", the mainland's new crown vaccine has been on the road, and the Taiwan vaccine is nowhere in sight.

Recently, Taiwan's anti-epidemic policy of NT$500 has become popular, and there are even queues in some places. It is expected that the sales of this policy will exceed 200,000.

In response to this, Chen Shizhong, the commander of the Taiwan Epidemic Command Center, was asked whether he had bought an insurance policy and claimed that “the risk is less than one-thousandth and it is not worthwhile”.

Another Taiwan psychiatrist Shen Zhengnan said that it is better to buy a lottery ticket for NT$500.

  The anti-epidemic insurance policy launched by the Taiwan property insurance company triggered people on the island to panic. After the insured paid a premium of NT$500, once they were included in the home isolation, quarantine, and centralized quarantine, they could apply for NT$100,000, which emerged before the event ended. Many people lined up for five hours.

  Is the epidemic prevention policy "cost-effective"?

Chen Shizhong said in an interview, "Although the insurance multiple is 200 times, the risk may be less than one-thousandth."

However, Taiwanese netizens sealed this policy as a "Buddha Heart Epidemic Prevention Policy". They believe that it is good deeds. Nothing is best. If something happens, you will be glad that you have insurance. If you are really unfortunately listed as a home quarantine object and have no income for 14 days Under the circumstances, NT$100,000 is a great help.

  In this regard, Shen Zhengnan posted an analysis on Facebook, "If you are quarantined, you can receive one hundred thousand yuan. If you count Taiwan, one hundred thousand people must be quarantined before the insurance company will lose money." He said, "There will be nothing wrong with Taoyuan, and Taiwan also Nothing will happen," and shouted to people who have not yet bought an anti-epidemic insurance policy. Don't join in the fun. It's better to take the NT$500 premium to buy lotto.

  Taiwan’s "United Daily News" commented that with the surge in the number of people quarantined at home in Taiwan’s Taoyuan Hospital, the epidemic prevention policies have been sold, which all show the public's anxiety about epidemic prevention.

Because the infection incident in Taoyuan Hospital is like peeling an onion, the more it is exposed, the more confusing it is. In addition, the zero progress in the procurement of the new crown vaccine will inevitably fluctuate.

(Zhang Ling of China Taiwan Network)