Every Saturday in CLAP !, Matthieu Charrier looks back on the news of the Seventh Art, in the company of guests.

Story: Why do Michel Audiard's dialogues fascinate us more than 60 years later?

Double news in Clap this week, following the death of Jean-Pierre Bacri as well as the publication of the “100 years Michel Audiard” box set at Gaumont, we come back to the profession of dialogue writer.

In the story, we will try to understand the fascination aroused by Audiard's lines more than 60 years later.

From Tontons gunslingers to the Pasha, we can no longer count the number of his replicas that have become cult.

They are also referenced in many websites or in books.

How were these dialogues modern?

What do they say about our company?

How does a good replica work?

We tell you everything in Clap!

- Guest:

Thomas Bidegain

, dialogue writer, screenwriter and director