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Depending on individual needs, the rice cooker can also act as a universal steamer.

Thus, meats, fish or even vegetables can benefit from this natural cooking method.

Steaming is recommended to preserve the nutritional qualities of food.

Everything you need to know about a rice cooker

For a long time now, the rice cooker has moved beyond simply cooking this food.

Different functions adapt to the type of food to reveal its flavors or a precise texture.

What is a rice cooker?

The rice cooker is a steam cooking device, specially designed for cereals.

An element evenly heats a non-stick pan to provide even cooking in minutes.

In addition, it is possible to superimpose the food to be cooked thanks to a removable steam basket, present in most references.

How to choose a rice cooker?

These are the main functions and the robustness that make it possible to select a rice cooker well.

In addition, the capacity of containment is also to be studied during your choice.

To get the equivalent of 2 to 3 servings of perfectly cooked rice, head to a model with a small tub.

On the other hand, for more important preparations, it is towards larger rice cookers that you will have to turn.

Why buy a rice cooker?

Buying a rice cooker is above all saving time in preparing meals.

Completely autonomous, a rice cooker cannot be supervised.

So you can concentrate on other preparations and add your well-cooked rice at the last moment.

The rice cooker also allows you to obtain different textures as needed.

The selection of the best rice cookers of the moment

REISHUNGER 2021-01FU-4-44213: a rice cooker with an LED display and patented technology

Rice cooker REISHUNGER 2021-01FU-4-44213 - DR

The REISHUNGER 2021-01FU-4-44213 rice cooker offers several programs to obtain different textures and cookings.

Brown rice, sushi rice, round rice… Nothing can resist this practical and elegant little device.

It lowers the temperature of the rice once cooked so that it retains its nutrients.

This rice cooker is white, but it exists in black, even if we regret its price change in the process.

The pros and cons of the REISHUNGER 2021-01FU-4-44213 rice cooker:

Most :

  • A high quality tank (ceramic, aluminum and bronze);

  • A very practical timer system;

  • 7 cooking stages indicated on the LED display;

  • Suitable for rice, cereals, meats, fish and even cakes.

The lessers :

  • The price quite high.

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YUM ASIA YUM-EN06: a discreet and ultra-complete rice cooker

Rice cooker YUM ASIA YUM-EN06 - DR

Both by its design and by its practicality, the YUM ASIA YUM-EN06 will suit the greatest number for regular use.

Despite its small capacity, this rice cooker will be perfect for obtaining different textures (Japanese, Thai cuisine, etc.).

Each program has several cooking phases in order to produce rice that is always soft and well cooked.

On the other hand, if you want to prepare large quantities of rice for each use, its small capacity may quickly annoy you.

The pros and cons of the YUM ASIA YUM-EN06 rice cooker:

The most


  • Great ease of use; 

  • A ceramic bowl for more even cooking;

  • Allows to obtain several cookings of rice (dry, sticky…);

  • An intuitive and easy to read LED display.

The least


  • A very small capacity.

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MOULINEX MK705111: a multifunction rice cooker with a delayed start

Rice cooker MOULINEX MK705111 - DR

The MOULINEX MK705111 is a concentrate of technologies taking up a minimum of space.

Practical and reliable, this rice cooker has 12 different programs and up to 45 programs in the superior version.

The 5-layer bowl with a 2 mm thick coating ensures even and gentle cooking.

This steamer can also cook small dishes thanks to the “Simmer” and “Wok” functions.

It is also suitable for preparing meals for infants.

The pros and cons of the MOULINEX MK705111 rice cooker:

The most


  • 12 practical programs (and up to 45 programs in the other version);

  • High quality materials;

  • Removable bowl suitable for the dishwasher;

  • Cooks rice and many other foods.

The least


  • A little intuitive screen.

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CUISINART CRC400E: a robust rice cooker with a removable steamer basket

CUISINART CRC400E - DR rice cooker

With its retro style in brushed stainless steel, the CUISINART CRC400E rice cooker can easily remain on the counter between uses.

This small appliance steams many foods (cereals, fish, vegetables, etc.) and keeps them warm for several hours.

Very practical, the removable parts are dishwasher safe for easy maintenance.

The retractable cord allows this steamer to store easily.

The pros and cons of the CUISINART CRC400E rice cooker:

The most


  • Authentic vintage style;

  • Available in two sizes (6 people or 12 people);

  • A transparent cover to monitor cooking;

  • Easy to maintain (removable parts suitable for the dishwasher).

The least


  • Does not turn off automatically after cooking.

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RUSSELL HOBBS 27080-56: a practical rice cooker, exclusive to Amazon

Rice cooker RUSSELL HOBBS 27080-56 - DR

The RUSSELL HOBBS 27080-56 rice cooker follows the slightly vintage design of the brand's appliances.

Model sold exclusively on Amazon, this steamer will also be suitable for vegetables and fish.

It is easy to maintain and allows daily use, with a lid and removable dishwasher safe tub.

That being said, it is necessary to pay attention to the evacuation of steam at the end of cooking to avoid any risk of burns.

The pros and cons of the RUSSELL HOBBS 27080-56 rice cooker:

The most


  • An Amazon exclusive;

  • Dishwasher safe non-stick bowl;

  • A lockable cover for even more security;

  • Cooking rice and vegetables at the same time, but separately.

The least


  • A little complex handling.

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TEFAL RK-103811: a design rice cooker with a large capacity

Rice cooker TEFAL RK-103811 - DR

The TEFAL brand has always offered many reliable and durable household appliances, like the TEFAL RK-103811.

This rice cooker helps maintain the nutritional quality of food through gentle steam cooking.

Once cooked, food is automatically kept warm so it can be served later.

Only downside: the graduated bowl for water and rice is transparent, and therefore difficult to read.

The pros and cons of the TEFAL RK-103811 rice cooker:

The most


  • A large capacity (available in 3 L or 5 L);

  • A steamer basket for cooking vegetables and rice at the same time;

  • A significant heating power (700 W);

  • A keep warm function after cooking.

The least


  • A graduated bowl that is difficult to read.

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BEPER 90 550: a rice cooker with cold walls and insulated handle

Rice cooker BEPER 90 550 - DR

The BEPER 90 550 rice cooker is as easy to use as it is elegant.

Thanks to its non-stick coating, this rice cooker maintains the heat of the food inside.

Its one liter capacity allows you to steam many other foods (potatoes, vegetables, fish, etc.).

Two indicator lights indicate the start of cooking and keeping warm respectively.

Stable and robust, this rice cooker is supplied with a spatula and a graduated bowl to dose the right amount of rice or water.

The pros and cons of the BEPER 90 550 rice cooker:

The most


  • Very easy to use;

  • Up to 625g of cooked rice with each use;

  • Cold walls and an anti-scald handle;

  • A spatula provided respecting the non-stick coating.

The least


  • Quite complex cleaning.

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TRISTAR RK-6126: a simple and efficient rice cooker

Rice cooker TRISTAR RK-6126 - DR

Very affordable, the TRISTAR RK-6126 rice cooker is very easy to use and is more than sufficient for occasional use.

Its stainless steel frame gives it great strength and a safety system prevents the device from operating if it does not have enough water.

This steamer will also be able to cook other foods, although it is only recommended for cereals.

Once cooked, the rice can be kept warm in the appliance until use.

The pros and cons of the TRISTAR RK-6126 rice cooker:

The most


  • Available in 3 sizes (1 L, 1.5 L and 2.2 L);

  • Non-slip feet;

  • A practical removable bowl;

  • A keep warm function.

The least


  • An imprecise measuring bowl.

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For a quick meal or for a more sustained culinary preparation, the rice cooker keeps this food warm.

Accessible from a few tens of euros, this type of device will quickly become essential.

To choose the best rice cooker, feel free to check out the options available for each model.

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