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This utensil is gaining more and more success among cooking enthusiasts.

Indispensable for obtaining extra-fresh ground coffee, the bean mill now adapts to all types of beans.

If manual models bring a vintage touch to the kitchen, they still require a lot of force.

Conversely, electric grain mills are very easy to use.

Everything you need to know about a grain mill

Formerly composed exclusively of metal, the grain mill was intended more for industrial use before invading our kitchens.

Find out how and why to choose the right grain mill.

What is a grain mill?

Several espresso machines have their own built-in bean grinders, but traditional coffee makers don't.

As the name suggests, the grain mill is designed to powder many types of seeds.

With this kitchen utensil not only coffee beans, but also most grains and nuts can be pulverized in a few moments.

How to choose a grain mill?

In order to select the best grain grinder, you just need to know your lifestyle and cooking habits.

For occasional use, a small manual or electric grain mill will be perfect.

On the other hand, if you want to make your own flours or large quantities of ground coffee, go for a large capacity bean grinder instead.

Why buy a grain mill?

If you love to cook or enjoy the flavor of fresh coffee, the bean grinder will quickly become your everyday companion.

Very discreet models are easily stored and allow you to quickly prepare all kinds of powdered foods (coffee, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.).

The most elaborate models even have a pendulum function in addition to grinding.

The selection of the best grain mills of the moment

AOCAY: a professional grain mill available in 5 sizes

AOCAY - DR grain mill

Available in several sizes from 800 g to 4500 g, the AOCAY grain mill is suitable for both personal and professional use.

More reserved for cereals such as malt, wheat and barley, this grain mill can tilt during handling to evenly mix the contents.

This grain mill can be used to grind a large quantity of dry and hard food in complete safety (emergency stop button, overload protection, etc.).

The pluses and minuses of the AOCAY grain mill:

Most :

  • A reliable and resistant device;

  • Available in 5 sizes, up to 4,500 g;

  • A balance system allowing mixing during use;

  • Fine grinding of cereals and hard seeds.

The lessers :

  • The price.

Get the AOCAY model

CGOLDENWALL: a high throughput electric grain mill


Thanks to the CGOLDENWALL grain mill, you can grind any type of grain to make your own powders and flours.

Discreet, this mill is nonetheless a concentrate of efficiency, especially with its rotation system during use.

Recommended for professional use, this bean mill can also be used occasionally for other products (coffee beans, nuts, dried fruits, etc.).

The pluses and minuses of the CGOLDENWALL grain mill:

The most


  • A cereal grinding power at the rendezvous;

  • Very easy to use

  • With several fineness of grinding;

  • A very practical rotary movement;

  • Suitable for very hard foods and herbalism plants.

The least


  • The price.

Get the CGOLDENWALL model

MALT MUNCHER PRO SZZ: a stable and practical grain mill


Allowing to quickly obtain a large quantity of crushed cereals, such as malt, barley or even wheat, the Malt Muncher Pro from the SZZ brand uses proven technology.

This grain mill benefits from a ball bearing system with high-end materials, which ensures great durability.

Even being able to be placed directly on a container, the Malt Muncher Pro is however not very practical to handle for occasional and / or family use.

The pros and cons of the MALT MUNCHER PRO SZZ grain mill:

The most


  • Great robustness (SS304 stainless steel);

  • Stays stable when placed on a container; 

  • A timeless ball bearing system;

  • High grinding precision.

The least


  • Intended for professional use.

Get the Malt Muncher Pro model

INLOVEARTS: a powerful and large capacity grain mill

INLOVEARTS hand-held grain crusher - DR

Grain mill intended for semi-professional or professional use, the INLOVEARTS hand grain mill offers great grinding power.

With a large tank, this grain mill will be perfect for those who wish to powder large quantities of cereals.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a grain mill for everyday life, you will have to look to another model.

The pros and cons of the INLOVEARTS hand grain mill:

The most


  • A large capacity ideal for industrial use;

  • Robust material (carbon steel);

  • Recommended for grinding cereals (malt, barley, wheat, etc.);

  • An adjustable powder fineness.

The least


  • Unsuitable for grinding conventional seeds (coffee, dried fruits, soybeans, etc.).

Get the INLOVEARTS model

TOPQSC: an ultra-complete electric grain mill

TOPQSC - DR grain mill

Available in 3 sizes to suit your needs, the TOPQSC grain mill can grind many types of food in just seconds.

This electric grain grinder powderizes corn, rice, dried beans and other hard grains.

Perfect for your culinary preparations, this small appliance is however not recommended for grinding nuts type dried fruits.

Indeed, this grain mill will tend to crush foods that are not hard enough.

The pros and cons of the TOPQSC grain mill:

The most


  • Professional design;

  • An ultra powerful motor at high speed;

  • Available in 3 different sizes;

  • Up to 3 stainless steel blades.

The least


  • Rather reserved for very hard foods (spices, cereals, dried bananas, etc.).

Get the TOPQSC model

Estink: a very robust manual grain mill

Grain mill Estink - DR

If you regularly use a grain mill, the Estink Grain Mill will be perfect for you.

Once installed, this manual bean grinder accommodates coffee beans as well as seeds and thicker grains.

Ideal for grinding large quantities of food, however, this grain mill has a big negative point: it must be fixed to a work surface, which sometimes makes it difficult to collect the powder.

The pros and cons of the Estink grain mill:

The most


  • Perfect retro style in a kitchen;

  • The strength of cast iron and tin coating;

  • A large capacity receptacle;

  • An ergonomic wooden handle.

The least


  • An obligatory fixing on a work plan or a table.

Get the Estink model

KYG Mini Grinder: a discreet and fast bean grinder

Grain grinder KYG Mini Grinder - DR

Coffee beans, pepper, nuts, dried beans… Nothing can resist the KYG Mini Grinder.

This small electric grain grinder takes up very little space and can even stay on your countertop.

In terms of power, the KYG Mini Grinder has nothing to envy to more massive models: a 300 W motor provides up to 9,000 rpm to obtain an extremely fine powder.

Its ergonomic design makes it even easier to use, even with one hand.

The pros and cons of the KYG Mini Grinder:

The most


  • An elegant retro style design;

  • Great ease of use;

  • Stainless steel blades;

  • A powerful engine.

The least


  • Incompatibility with the dishwasher.

Get the KYG model

ELEHOT: a practical and affordable grain mill

ELEHOT coffee grinder - DR

Affordable at an affordable price, the ELEHOT Coffee Grinder does more than grind the beans for your favorite beverage.

Pepper, herbs, ginger, walnuts and other flax seeds can be powdered in seconds.

Despite a very small container, this discreet and elegant bean mill is very easy to use: one press of the button is enough to obtain the desired mixture.

Finally, a transparent cover prevents any projection of food.

The pros and cons of the ELEHOT coffee grinder:

The most


  • Ground coffee in seconds;

  • Protection against overheating;

  • A powerful 200 W low noise motor;

  • Stainless steel blades.

The least


  • A small capacity (50 g of ground product).

Get the ELEHOT model

From the first manual models to professional references, the grain mill adapts to all needs.

To avoid repetitive force movements, it is better to choose an electric model.

And if you regularly consume powdered foods or ground coffee, we recommend that you select a bean grinder according to its capacity and power.

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